The bone IGNORANCE of the ANTI CHOICE movement

Abortion should be kept safe and legal. Here are a few FACTS as to WHY it should be kept. ANTI CHOICERS take note.

Abortion terminates entities (z/e/fs: zygotes, embryoes & fetuses, up until the 7th month of gestation) which have ALL of these characteristics in common with sperm and ova:
– Human
– Unique
– As a stage of development, indispensible to future birth
– Have NEVER experienced conscious awareness
– Alive
So, ANTI Choicers. When you try to restrict the abortion RIGHTS and thereby seek to Impose IMMENSE hardship upon no fewer than tens of MILLIONS of women by FORCING childbirth upon them. AGAINST their will. Resulting in the DENIAL of their rights… their RELEGATION to second-class-citizen status… their INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE to mere, NON-sentient developing entities which are, in all important ways, equivalent to sperm and ova (human, unique, NON-sentient, a stage of development without which NO births would occur and alive) entities which the WOMEN would very properly, under the circumstances, regard to be parasitic, you are being utterly hypocritical. WHY don’t you spend your time defending SPERM and OVA in the same manner? In all important ways they are equivalent to fetuses!

Since ANTI choicers wouldn’t know a fact if it beat them senseless with a steel club, I’ll present the rest of my FACTS in a simple, easy to comprehend manner.

  1. No-one has the right to force servitude onto another person yet ANTI CHOICERS are trying to do just that by forcing women to be servile to mere non sentient parasitic entities.

  2. A human being exists only at birth. Before that it is merely a potential person. Here is a LEGAL definition of when a fetus becomes a viable human being.
3) The position ANTI-choicers support is so hateful and bone ignorant and unaware of the facts that those who support the movement believe that fetuses can feel pain before the third trimester (can you believe that???)

The Anti-Choice agenda is ALREADY America’s laugingstock.
MOST people very sensibly regard such incredible busybodies to be a JOKE. Just imagine how Anti-Choicers will be regarded in THAT near-future age, as people, every now and then, happen to recall them: JUST as we NOW recall the segregationists of yesteryear… as mindless and bigoted control-freaks whose agenda never had a GHOST of a chance of surviving in a FAIR-minded America.
I predict (based on recent historical precents, since 1960), that not only will there be NO concept of guilt with regard to abortion by that time, but even the NOTION that it could be something to feel guilty about will cause a person to shake his/her head in wonder. We’ve already seen this happen with interracial marriage (which was
ANATHEMA to segregationists), and with the birth-control Pill. The notion that interracial marriage or using the Pill would be something to feel guilty about is LUDICROUS. And I truly believe that it will be the SAME with abortion.
That is enough FACT for now. Hopefully some of the anti choicers will understand how hateful their regime is.

If YOU used the SEARCH FUNCTION on the SDMB, YOU would SEE that we discuss this ISSUE just about ONCE A WEEK.

I did use the search function. I read some weak conversations about the minutae of anti choice philosophy. In my thread they are being explicitely taken to task for their ignorance. I also noticed that there are many, many topics that are constantly resurfacing in this forum and that abortion is one of them and as such you should not be surprised by, or weary of, another thread on this subject.

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A brief question before we start. Why does pro-choice little me always find myself defending pro-life positions? My guess is that it’s some sort of deep seated subconsious masochism. It also might be some desire to argue against bad logic on whichever side I find it, but I’m not usually that noble.

Regarding sperm and eggs, and how they can be recognized as different than zygotes/embryos/fetuses, though, the zygote/embryo/fetus has a full set of genetic material that is distinct from either of its parents, and that the child keeps after it’s born. Neither sperm nor eggs have that. They both contain half the genetic material of the parent, and only that. The individual cell can be looked at as no different than any other cell in the body. The z/e/f, on the other hand, is genetically distinct from either parent.

I don’t think pro-life/anti-choice (use your favorite term here) have the negative motives you give them.

The code to bold, btw, is [ b ], w/o the spaces, and to end bolding is [ / b ].

Don’t tell me what to be WEARY of. It is my CHOICE to be WEARY of a topic that WE HAVE DONE TO DEATH. And not with minutae, but with well thought out arguement and cites and intelligent debate from both sides.

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Or, better still, use more impressive words and phrases.

FYI, ova and sperm are not “human”. They have only half the chromosomes of a normal human cell.

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Bitching about the topic they picked is sure a great way of saying “hi” to a new person.


It sure beats a rolleyes smilie which I was also tempted to use. He came out of the box with unbridled hostility and I didn’t care for it. If I misinterpreted the OP, I apologize.


You have provided us with a few excellent examples of logical fallacies and some plain old fashion bad manners, as well. Did you do this with the intention of playing the fool in public, or were you honestly convinced that this sort of weak minded ranting was some form of argument?

First of all, you have presented a position, which you claim other, unnamed persons hold. You then attack the personalities and intelligence of such persons in a rude and unfounded manner. You do so in a presentation style that demonstrates that you have not bothered to learn the social conventions of the forum you have chosen. I believe the point has been made. While it remains possible that you are not actually a narrow minded idiot, thus far you are a complete substitute for one, until such time as a real narrow minded idiot comes along. Even people who agree with your basic premise won’t want to talk with you about anything substantive.

Search on Google for “ad hominem” “scarecrow” and “logical fallacy” and then try again. Having you on my side in an argument is more than I care to bear, in the way of intellectual burden.


“How much time he saves who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks.” ~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus ~

I’ll second that. Good choice, jarbabyj!

Well, Jarbaby, I’ve got to disagree with you there. I think the rolleyes smiley would have been perfect there.

You, sir, are offensive. If you used the search function, you would have found many discussions regarding abortion that did not include these ignorant statements:

I was actually going to debate abortion with you, but I honestly don’t see the point. I’ll wait till someone intelligent comes along.

Thank you, I now understand it. What amazes me however, is that I’ve been so unaware of these FACTS all these years. Possibly this is due to some conspiracy of the ANTI CHOICE movement, which unfortunately continues to exert a powerful influence in our media. Of course, I feel quite silly now.

Ignorance continues to thrive, Ray, but you’ve gone a long way towards fighting it by your enlightening OP. Hopefully you will not confine your efforts to this message board, but will circulate to other message boards and other fora, so that you might show many more people the FACTS, about just how hateful and bone ignorant and unaware of the FACTS those ANTI CHOICERS really are.

Good luck.

*Originally posted by MGibson *

How about pointing out that it’s not a General Question and obviously is in the wrong forum?

First of all Ray if you want to see how people bold and italic things or see how a smiley is done or anything out of the ordinary in someones post, just click the “quote” on the bottom of their post.

As for the OP: instead of ‘anti-choicers’ I am going to use the colloquial pro-lifers and pro-choicers.

I agree that some of the pro-lifers are quite ignorant, yet there are many who are not. Some pro-lifers are just that way because they believe in their religion, and they stick by their faith. Oddly enough I was born and raised Catholic and I am adamently pro-choice. My simple battle is FATE. I have a hard time with the fact that someone else may be able to tell me what to do with my body. NO don’t think so no one has that right but me. BTW I am male in my 30’s. But my heart goes out to all those women who have had to make this decision. And my heart bleeds for those women having an abortion who already had to make a huge decision, and who are then faced with protesters in front of the hospital shouting things like-> You’ll burn in hell, your killing your baby and other such profanities. This is a disgrace.

I have even heard of a tracter trailer in Florida with a picture of an aborted fetus on the side sitting in traffic during both rush hours. That is not only a disgrace but a horrible atrocity. I would have loved to pull the driver out of that truck drag him over to the nearest car with children in it and ask that kind person (dick) to explain to the children why he/she had a bloody aborted fetus on the side of their truck. Ignorant fuck. I am getting steamed with this, so I will go. I’ll be back, when I cool off. UUUHHHRRRGGGGG!!! I nominate myself to be the first member of the ignorance police.

sigh While obviously it’s in GD, not GQ. Ignore me, I am talking nonsense…