The Book of Boba Fett

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

All it was missing was a jizz rendition of “The Real Me”.

(yes, the genre of music they play in the cantina is called “jizz”, look it up)

Someone described the Book of Boba Fett as the Mandalorian without the baby. I enjoyed the first two episodes, the third was a little slow, but I have to agree—without the Grogu character or equivalent it feels like something is missing.

Baby(ish) rancor.

Plus I don’t think there are a lot of daimyo positions in the Galaxy just waiting for someone to walk into them.

I still don’t understand how he just declares himself daimyo. Or even what that means, other than some sort of quasi-legitimate feudal lordship / crime boss title.

Not quite Grogu, but I suppose it’s a step in that direction.

This thought just occurred to me:
We’ve seen Stormtroopers and Boba Fett remove their helmets before, but now there is some kind of air hose that needs disconnecting? Why add details that are unnecessary? Did anybody wonder how he would breathe in there?

The Vespa Biker Gang chase was silly. It reminded me of the fight Marty McFly had with Biff’s gang in Back to the Future 2. Is this show supposed to be a wacky comedy? The tone of this show seems to jump all over the place.

I did like the giant Wookie though. He is pretty badass. Boba Fett should hire him.

Do you have a screencap or time for this?

You mean Newbacca.

Back in the first episode, when they show Boba Fett in the belly of the Sarlacc, there’s an apparently dead stormtrooper nearby. Boba wiggles over to him, and yanks what appears to be a pressurized air hose from under the trooper’s helmet. The implication seemed to be that he was stealing air from the dead trooper’s air tank. That stormtrooper armor apparently has but we’ve never seen indicated on-screen before. Because…despite the fact the Sarlacc’s gut is open to the air above, there’s not enough air to breathe down in the gut, or maybe the air inside the gut is poisonous? Or something?

Well, to be fair, most of the characters in the show, including Boba Fett himself, don’t seem to entirely understand any of that, either.

oops, yeah I should have said I was referring to Boba in the Sarlac pit from episode 1.

New episode, Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm

Looks like that’s the end of the bacta flashbacks. He’s cured, and all the gaps in his story have been filled in. Convenient. Also, that was the last of the shots we’ve seen in trailers, so it’s all new from here on in. A lot of fun action, a little more setup, and the simple use of a music cue to make us excited. Great stuff.

I find it interesting that the episodes not directed by Robert Rodriguez are better than the ones he did.