The Book of Boba Fett

The trailer for the series is up.

I see that B’omarr Monks are still hanging around on Tatooine.

Is it too much to ask that Ephant Mon get a prominent role in the Fett administration?

I’m optimistic since Mando is such a great show. I hope they do a great job.

Looks great! Kind of like the Sopranos but Star Wars.

One of the comments on that site says

Didn’t they already explain in The Mandalorian that the Sarlacc got eaten by the big sandworm thing and that’s how he escaped? I vaguely recall something to that effect.

They told us that, but didn’t show us. Being a visual medium, show is much better than tell. But I’m not wanting them to; that’s old news now. Give us new stories.

The show said that a Krayt Dragon ate a Sarlacc. The Marshal from the nearby settlement had Boba Fett’s old armor, which he had found nearby. As Mando speeds off at the end of the episode, we see Old Boba Fett watching him from a distance.

The implication was clearly that the Sarlacc involved was the one that had ingested Boba Fett, and that the Krayt Dragon eating it had allowed Boba Fett to escape, but that he had somehow lost his armor in the process. But that was all by implication.

I personally hope they leave it at that. Trying to actually show the mechanics of how all that happened would probably just wind up being stupid.

Agreed. Look, he got out because he has a cool outfit and became popular with people later. We get it. I mean, we legit learned about his dad in Episode II only because Lucas(who claims not to listen to the fans) clearly listened to the fans and decided to show us where action-figures(uh, I mean his character) comes from.

Ooh, I didn’t notice that (I might have seen someone watching him leave, but didn’t realize who it was, and forgot about the foreshadowing before it was addressed).

In the latest TV Spot trailer there are a couple of easter-egg shots that have made the nerds extra excited, if that’s even possible. One shot shows Fett arriving through a door in his tattered original jumpsuit, another shows two aliens (Nikto) fighting two civilians. These appear to be Fixer and Camie at Tosche Station, i.e. characters from scenes cut from the original Star Wars.

Koo Stark’s imdb page doesn’t list “The Book of Boba Fett”, so I guess they got a different actress. Lame.

TBoBF is based less than 10 years after ANH. How were they supposed to explain the 45 years of aging?

Hey, they brought Mark Hamill back to play Luke in “The Mandalorian”.

I was mostly joking though, especially since Camie never actually made it onto screen.

Do we want to use this thread for episode reactions? I say open spoilers after an episode airs, and open speculation, but blur any leaks.
Personally I never got the Boba Fett hype, (I did think he was cool, but not UBER cool) but I did really like him in The Mandalorian. I am looking forward to this series.
“Ethical” criminals (or at least criminals that follow some sort of rules – for example, assassins who once hired cannot be bribed to alter their target) are interesting to me. We will see what rules Boba adheres to.


That was my intention.

Apparently pretty much all of the trailer footage shown so far has only been from the first half of the first episode. So it looks like we’re gearing up for a “Baby Yoda” like reveal.

When do episodes become available?

This Wednesday, in the U.S. market. Disney+ usually releases episodes midnight Pacific time (3 am where I live, in the Eastern time zone).


At one point showrunner Robert Rodriguez said in an interview that what we’d seen in the trailers was only from the first half of the first episode. I think he exaggerated slightly, and it seems a lot of what we’ve seen in other teasers since then is clearly from further down the line, likely mostly from next week’s episode.

But that was still a cool fun adventure so far. A kind of prologue, as a catch up to explain what happened between ROTJ and now.

I knew I recognized those ninjas that attacked them, I had one as a kid!

Enjoyed the first episode. Nothing spectacular and no big surprises, but still fun and with a similar tone to The Mandalorian.