The Boss cashes in

Bruce Springsteen has reportedly sold the masters and publishing rights for his entire catalog to Sony for half a BILLION dollars. I’m actually pretty surprised. Obviously, that’s a simply jaw-dropping amount of money. But he’s already a millionaire several times over, and he’s always been pretty protective of how his music is used.

He can do a lot of good with that kind of money. I hope he endows some of the environmental groups he’s helped out in the past. He’s been quietly generous with time and money over the years.

Maybe he can make his own spaceship.

That’s what I was thinking. Bruce doesn’t need the money. He’s still a best-selling recording artist and constantly tours. He’s even had a successful stint on Broadway. He’s always been frugal with his money. With this half billion dollars he could set up a foundation and fund groups that help the disadvantaged.

I’m sure he can do a lot of good with the money, I just find it odd since his whole career he’s rebuffed lucrative offers to use his music for commercial purposes. His Superbowl ad for Jeep earlier this year was the first time he’s allowed his music or his image to be used in an advertisement. Maybe he’s decided that the good causes he can support with the money is worth hearing “Born to Run” used to sell Nike’s new line of men’s running shoes.

With half a billion in the bank he’ll finally be able to get that slamming screen door fixed.

It’s interesting that Taylor Swift is re-recording some of her music so she can regain ownership and control, and Bruce has just sold-off all of his. Not sure if there are differences there.

He’s 72, she’s 32.

Well one is young and the other is past retirement age. Bruce most likely wants the money so he can decide how it is used and not his heirs. While Taylor is making up for an earlier (common) career misstep. Both are damn smart.

There could be stipulations in the contract. Obviously disallowing commercial use for mundane advertising purposes like selling cars or sneakers would reduce the value considerably. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he still gets to sign off on use for political purposes, something like a Trump rally.

Which, for Bruce, would be a big resounding “NO!” The Boss has gone on record as calling Trump a threat to our democracy and that the country wouldn’t survive with him as president for another four years.

It’s a bit of a legal gray area whether musician can prevent their music from being used at political rallies. Springsteen had this issue constantly with “Born in the U.S.A.” being used by idiot Republicans who never listened to the lyrics.

A few performers have done the same thing recently (including, I think, Elton John). I read an article suggesting this was a way to lessen the burden on heirs, since managing a catalog is time-consuming and complicated. So instead of burdening the family with that, you can instead just leave them a pile of cash.

Well, and sticking a thumb into the eye of a complete asshole.

W/respect to the OP, I agree it’ll be interesting to see if he supports charities. In principle he could have set up some kind of trust/foundation with his ongoing royalties etc., so this is more direct.

Or, maybe he’s going to buy a spaceship.

You might not know if he supports charities. He’s often been pretty quiet about it. He helped out the Pete Seeger founded group Clearwater in a big way. One of the more open ones. But I know he has given smallish amounts (for him) to small groups in Monmouth County. For these groups his money meant a lot. None of this was public. I’m sure I only know of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Setting up a foundation can be a way to stroke one’s ego, since one’s name is attached to it. And sometimes foundations serve as a way of parking the money without actually giving it out to anyone who does anything good.

So contributing directly might be better, especially if it’s anonymous.