The Boycott Everything Thread

Ok, so in the BBQ Pit thread about the Prop 8 signatories wanting their names removed because their businesses are being boycotted, I came to the conclusion that if you knew the political positions of every businessperson in the whole world you’d have to boycott everything.

So, here’s the thread where we try to drive everyone into despair showing them just how corrupt the entire business world is. So explain how people’s favorite food has something nasty in them, how the dyes used in American Apparel are made of the tears of Mayan children. Whatever it is, lets figure out why we should boycott everything!

Most crops in America are grown on land owned an operated by mega-corporations that have been squeezing family farms out of existence for decades.

So all edible plants should be boycotted.

The evil coal ash spill in Tennessee is the fault of TVA and could happen at any other evil Big Time corporate monopolistic power producer. So we should boycott electricity from The Grid. The evilness of their ways will shrivel in the glow of our non-electric righteousness.

If I restaurant serves me crappy food, I won’t eat there again.
If a business conspires to wreck my wedding, I’ll tell all my friends how bad they suck.
To do any less would be unamerican.

American Apparel the brand that was able to dominate the leftist market as a non-exploitative brand has had a sex scandal.

Dov Charney made the top 20 of HR World’s top sexual harassment cases.

American Apparel is anti-Union