"The Breakfast Ballet" and other office rituals

Every morning at 9, the tiny little kitchen area on our floor becomes a hectic scrum of bodies as people arrive and start making cups of tea and coffee and fixing various breakfast things all at the same time. Everyone’s stepping past each other or around each other, grabbing kettles and reaching for bowls and rattling around for cutlery as they mumble their “Sorrys” and “Good Mornings”. It’s a twirling, chaotic display of bending, ducking and twisting that I’ve cheerfully dubbed “The Breakfast Ballet”.

So what are the regular rituals at your workplace? Do they annoy you or have you grown rather fond of them?

I come in in the morning and turn on the office lights. My office-mate comes in and turns them off. “It makes the office too warm.” I have to use the glowing light from my computer monitor and a desk lamp to do my work. :mad:

Our breakroom isn’t as busy as the OP, but I seem to run into the same two or three people in the mornings. They come to use the microwave and put stuff in the fridge as well as get coffee.

My current office isn’t too bad, although there are a few who will take offense if your, “Morning!” isn’t quite perky enough. Fuck them.

I tend to be on a different schedule than most. I don’t think a lot of people eat breakfast here and I tend to eat lunch earlier, to avoid the microwave traffic.

However, there is one woman who seems to be eerily on the same wavelength that I am. If I go to make a cup of tea, she’s there. If I get up to go to the bathroom, she’s there. If I go across the hall to check my mail, she’s there. Her office isn’t even within sight of mine, so she can’t just be thinking “It’s time for a little break” just because she sees me doing it. It’s really weird, although I’m sure it’s now become some kind of confirmation bias on my part.

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