The Bridge to Terabithia

You wanna get your kids a really nice DVD?

This is just the one and you’ll enjoy it also

I saw the movie in the cinema, and it’s a sweet story – though perhaps not for everyone, becauseone of the main characters dies.

Yeah but Janice turns out to be a decent sort, kinda

We only watched this because it was free on demand but we were pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting anything but it turned out to be a wonderful movie.

The marketing strategy still irks me. It makes the movie seem to be about something it’s not in any way about. Terabithia itself is such a small part of the story, in actual importance. The movie isn’t about Terabithia or the fantasy elements in the children’s play.

Yeah, I know…it’s ancient history now, but it still irks…

I thought it was a nice change to see a story about a kid who is having problems and they don’t get resolved with a supernatural element. The boy does not discover he has magic powers nor does he find a genie in a bottle or what have you. Instead, he discovers the power of friendship and love. I really liked the movie.

Plus AnnaSophia Robb is super-cute. I bet we haven’t seen the last of her.

I watched the film last night and at the end I realised, we’re all kids at heart and films like this beat the shit out of blood and gore movies

Somebody called this the kiddie version of Pan’s Labyrinth. Which it isn’t, but I get the point. We took MilliCal to see this and she was Really quiet after it was over.
This isn’t the first version of this book, by the way. iMDB says there was a made-for-TV version many years earlier. PBS, I think.