The brief is done and I'm decompressing...

Mrs Piper and I have a court file that we’re both working on - and I promised her a brief by the end of this weekend.

You know, there’s stress when you promise something to a co-worker, but at least when I come home I can slough it off for a while - it’s been a bit stressful trying to get this thing done, while looking after the PiperCub and keeping the homefires burning (Mrs Piper is lead counsel on this one; I’m just a consultant). I’ve had a migraine on and off for the past three days.

Not through anything Mrs P has said or done, I hasten to add - just that in my own mind, I’ve had this damn brief on my mind for four days, without being able to get to it.

So at last, at 1.45 am I finished it off and pushed “Save” for the last time (and then saved it to a memory stick, and e-mailed it to myself; yes, I get paranoid about losing things…)

Some mint tea, some Dope-surfin’, and I think I’m finally ready for bed.

That “done with the brief” feeling is a nice one, isn’t it? Enjoy! :slight_smile:

“Filing your brief with your wife” - is that what lawyers are calling it these days?

That performance anxiety is a killer, isn’t it?


…posted at 2:25 am…

Hope you got to sleep in a bit.

Btw, what kind of case is this, if you can answer?

Hope nobody had to ask for an extension.

Ah, the Dope - where the most innocuous comment will be interpreted in a sexual way… :smiley:

I’m wiped today - up too late last night. Have to get this one filed tomorrow, then start another one for Friday.

Alberta’s snow storm has arrived here - I just want to stay home with a nice fire in the fireplace, but off to work to do brief No. 2. [sigh]

well, I’m home, and the storm is much worse, and Mrs Piper has gone off to work on her cross, but I’ve got a fire and a nice glass of wine.

So long as it’s not a cross you set on fire :eek:
(is it a port, your wine?)

naah, just her outline for her cross-examination of an opposing witness. :slight_smile:

a port would be better on a night like tonight, but it was an Aussie chardonnay. all gone now. :frowning:

Decompressing II.

Second brief in a week done this afternoon, and served on everyone. Mrs Piper is home, tired out from her trial. We’re both hoping for some downtime this weekend.

Enjoy your decompressing.

I just finished my end of a 7.5 year case, so today I have a big smile on my face.

those long cases are killers, aren’t they? my longest was 6.5 years from Statement of Claim to final decision - took a lot out of me. always had a bad feeling about it because they served us the day of the office Christmas Party, which I always enjoy - left me feeling: “they couldn’t have waited till after Christmas?!?”

Let me guess – opposing counsel was from Toronto?

naah - local counsel, but not the same city - a good lawyer whom I respected. just one of those litigation things…

sadly, Mrs Piper is still working on her cross, so it’s been a busy week Chez Pipers.

Hey drafting pleadings is the easy bit. Its when you are in court when things can go pear shaped. There is no undo button for a thing which comes out wrong.

Oh, I appreciate that, believe me - she’s much better on that part of it than I am - prep, prep, prep!