The Bush administration has borrowed more money than the 42 before him combined.\Nation\archive\200511/NAT20051104b.html
This is totally outrageous. Are they trying to bankrupt the country?

Do they not realize that borrowed money must be paid back?

Will they be sad that they pushed for changes in the bankruptcy laws?

While I am also horrified by this government’s profligacy, I am equally unimpressed with this figure.

A buck went a lot farther in 1776 than it does today.

lonesome loser, you have 2 other threads on this forum’s front page criticizing the administration. I realize you have many things to share, but I’m sure you can find a way to combine these threads in future.

One thread on the front page at a time to voice your political views in the Pit is more than enough. Three Bush-bashing threads from one user is excessive.


After reconsideration, I’m reopening this thread, but I do encourage lonesome loser to use some moderation in the number of OPs in this forum regarding political views.

This decision was a bit on the heavy handed side, and was based on my misunderstanding of a previous ruling. My apologies to lonesome loser as I think a simple reminder of this would have sufficed, as he clearly did not know about the previous case to which I refer.

Gee, weren’t these guys the Party OF Fiscal Responsibility? Weren’t they the financial conservatives who want to shrink national debt, balance budgets and all that razzmatazz?

“You can’t trust Republicans with money.” – Howard Dean

9/11 changed everything!!!
Why do you hate America?

I guess he’s trying to starve the beast . If we can’t afford social spending ( or anything else ), the government will cut it’s budget. Of course, America will suffer economic and social devastation, but Bush and friends either don’t care or enjoy the thought.

The Republican motto

When someone proposes spending on welfare
Bellow like a Nantucket whaler!
When someone proposes spending on warfare
Spend like a drunken sailor!

Many graphs about national debt, most adjusted for inflation.

Although the OP didn’t account for inflation, it’s still pretty startling what’s happening to our level of debt.

I hate freedom too. [Igor]It’s what I do.[/Igor]

Wow. Those graphs really show how the Reagan and GHW Bush administrations sent the debt way up, the Clinton administration started to bring it down, and GW Bush has sent it skyrocketing. The irony…it burns.

OK everybody, it’s Primal Scream Therapy time: I hate Bush I hate Bush I hate Bush I hate Bush!!!
There, isn’t that just a little better?

Only 1166 days to go…hang in there, America!

But what’s going to be left by the time we get there?

And then a Democrat will be elected?

Heh - wanna bet?

For my particular ilk of Bush-hate-hate-haters, the main issue is that a non-Bush will (most likely) be elected. Hope, hope.

A democrat would be a bonus, though, now that you mention it.

We all know what happened the last time Bricker bet on a presidential election.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if the next President is a Dem or Repub, so long as s/he can figure out a way to clean up the mindboggling messes this administration is creating.

Hell yeh, of course I’d prefer a Democrat. But it’s going to take the best efforts of both sides to undo the damage that’s being done by this administration, and whichever party produces a candidate with the competence to pull together a bipartisan effort to set things right – or at least set us back on course – will get my vote.

Who woulda thought that a guy who has failed in every business he had any control over would be so fiscally irresponsible???

I’m shocked, I tells ya’

What does this have to do with the issue of government debt?

Not a damn thing.