The Bush Pardon List

We ought to draw up a list of people George Bush is going to pardon on his last day in office.

  1. Ted Stevens (Senator from Alaska)
  2. Randy Duke Cunningham (Senator? from California)
  3. Dick Cheny, for crimes he may have committed during the period …
  4. Who else?

He won’t pardon Cheney, unless Cheney comes under serious legal scrutiny before Bush’s term is over.

Scooter Libby. Sure, Bush already commuted his sentence, but left the conviction standing. Might as well wipe the slate clean when there’s no longer any price to pay.
Possibly even Armitage or Rove or anyone else that was a named as a defendant in the dismissed Plame vs. Chaney. Sort of like how his dad cleared the Iran-Contra figures.

Tom DeLay? Although his “last time I checked they [the White House] don’t have a vote” snub of Bush’s request to up the Earned Income Credit may have cost him. Others in the Abramoff scandal?

A bunch of people we’ve never heard of. Seriously, check the list of pardons that Bush has already granted. Most of them are unfamiliar to me.


Larry Craig? Or is that too gay for our homophobe-in-chief? Was he even charged/convicted?


Rumsfeld - The evil one
(Convicted in my imagination - That was a reflexive post)

How about preemptive pardons? Is that part of the Bush Doctrine? :wink: If so, I’d say the list could be quite long: Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, Gonzales, Goodling, Meiers (sp?), Perle, Rumsfeld, Feith, and many more.

Oh, what the heck. I’ll throw that disturbed lunatic Kathleen Harris in there for good measure.

Jack Abramoff.

He was charged, pled guilty, was convicted, and paid the fines and court costs, presumably in an attempt to keep this secret.

After it became public knowledge, he attempted to retract his plea and fight the conviction. That was denied by a District Court Judge, and he is now appealing that decision.

He will do a mega-blanket pardon.

The entire US military, defense contractors (Blackwater etc.), his entire administration, and whoever else he can think of. It’ll make the Iran-Contra pardons look trivial by comparison.

Note that blanket pardons (without naming individuals) has been done before. E.g., Ford and the Vietnam era war resisters.

Why Senator Stevens?

All those Justice attornies who wrote those bogus legal opinions justifiying torture, secret prisons, and warantless searches and eavesdropping. Actually, I think there were only a couple. And Al Gonzales, he’s scummy enough to need one. And those guys who formed their own Iraqi “intelligencce” division in the basement of the Whitehouse or wherever, and cooked up all the bullshit evidence for the war. I think that was Doug Feith’s little playground.

He was/is a Republican power and he was convicted.

I could see clearing up some of Palin’s problems (if they get any worse) with a nice clensing pardon.

Oh, yeah – Nancy Pelosi. She should be locked up for taking impeachment off the table, and she sure did Bush a favor.

I don’t have a huge issue with that, really, or at least a commutation of his sentence. The Senate will expel him if Begich doesn’t beat him, and he’s an 84-year-old man. Let him go sit on his porch in disgrace.

Sure, but this in in state courts in Minnesota, where Bush has no pardon power. His rights there are limited to federal convictions and crimes only.

What Mr. Moto said. This also takes Delay and Palin’s trouble off the tables.

Scooter’s definitely on the list.

Governor Palin’s a twit, but she’s not foolish enough to take such a thing; it would ruin her credibility even more than her own mouth does.