The Butlerian Jihad

I wish I had been warned about this book before I got it from my local used book store.
Chapters that have, at most, four pages.
An idiotic romance between Serena Butler and Xavier Harkonnen which looks like someone did search and replace on some Mary Sue fanfic culled from USENET group.
Robots that are evil because they cut up humans and have a disregard for biological life. Whoa, let’s not get too deep into their motivations.
I guess I could accept this kind of stuff if it had been marketed as one of those novel-a-week Star Trek or Star Wars books that pack the walls at used and new book stores with their evocative portraits of the actors from the series which “inspired” them.
Plus there was a great big warning inside the front of the book where they thanked their agents for pointing out this opportunity.

I hear ya. I hate the purple coding, but I hear ya. Herbert Jr. sucks as an author. Either that or he’s taken attack from Robert Jordan and decided to screw with the plot as much as possible. At least he’s short, unlike Jordan.

Has anyone thought of making a Ghola of Herbert Sr.? Maybe then he could put an end to the madness his son has wrought.

I read the first one, “House Atredes” IIRC.
That was enough for me. I knew the new books would all be crap after that.
Your thread just confirms my verdict.