The Californias: 3, down from 6

This Tim Draper dude is at it again. Now he claims he has enough signatures to get his plan to divide California into 3 separate states onto November’s ballot.

His layout divides the state by counties, creating a small, narrow state that stretches from about Monterrey to Los Angeles; an expansive state that includes Orange County, San Diego, up to Mono County and across part of the Central Valley; and a third state that includes Sacramento, San Francisco and the rest of Northern California, as far south as Merced.

His claim is that the current state of California is just too big to be governable. Which, well, I guess you could probably say that about Texas, New York, Florida and maybe several others. I have my doubts about whether this is any kind of an answer to the grumbling.

What makes me feel like this initiative is doomed on its face is how unilateral it is. If I wanted to present an idea like this, I think it would have to involve citizens working to figure out where the lines should be drawn. Because, quite frankly, Draper’s map looks plainly stupid to me.

What is the view from the Golden State on this?

CA native here.
There’s really only one argument that matters in California, and that is, who gets the water. Dividing the state will not add anything useful to that argument.

Another native Californian here.

Ain’t gonna happen. Although, when I think about it, spitting into 3 states might be easier than completing the high speed rail project.

Who is going to be stuck with Susanville?

I disagree. The only argument that matters is who gets stuck with Bakersfield.

A big, beautiful wall.

Can’t we just surround it with a hundred meeter tall containment wall and use it as a toxic waste dump? The current occupants should hardly even notice except for the extra short days in the winter months.


The northern state would have Merced, Stockton, Sacramento, Truckee, Los Banos, San Francisco, Redding, Yuba City, Susanville, Petaluma, Eureka, Crescent City, Yreka, Truckee and Weed.

The southern state would have San Diego, Anaheim, Barstow, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Fresno, Blythe, Mexicali, Palm Springs, Corcoran and Lee Vining.

The third state would have Vandenberg.

I don’t think the State of Jefferson folks would like getting lumped in with San Francisco and Sacto.

Jefferson was originally supposed to include Jackson, Josephine, Kalamath and Curry counties, later expanding their ambitions to Lake, Coos and Douglas. It would just not be Jefferson without tearing into Oregon as well.

Maybe it’s time for a general reordering of state lines nationwide. Why do we need two Dakotas?

You can get 10% of the state to sign a petition banning dihydrogen monoxide. This version is just as dumb as the 12 previous versions, and is still not gonna happen.

You can have Monterey County when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

I have seen “State of Jefferson” signs in rural areas of many CA counties, beyond the initial ones. Those people are dreaming.

Splitting CA is just one of a long and distinguished line of bad ideas that went (and will go) no where. Pure mental masturbation.

California really should just disallow ballot initiatives that require federal approval. Such a waste of time.

California really should just disallow ballot initiatives. (You can stop that sentence right there.)

You would have to split it into an even number of sub-states and make sure that it didn’t affect the national electoral opportunities significantly - and yet, also look to each party like there was an opportunity for their team to grow in national influence - in order for the Federal government to accept the split.

With an odd number, one party gains in Congress.

I think B’field should start its own state. Hell doesn’t even have holes like that.

Or two Carolinas?

Or any Mississippis!

Great point. We probably don’t need two Carolinas either. Or two Virginias. And one state comprised of all of New England would probably be sufficient.