The Cancel/Renew TV show thread, 2015

The networks are starting to report which shows “on the bubble” are being canceled and which are being renewed. TVByTheNumbers has their ongoing list organized by network. Their “experts” have been surprised quite a bit already. Many surely canceled shows have instead been renewed.

Among the shows I’ve watched that are gone:

State of Affairs. Katherine Heigl’s “comeback” show. I watched several of these but it went south, storywise. A lesser version of Scandal/Homeland/etc.

Backstrom. I actually (forced myself to) watched the entire run, trying to finish up before it was canceled. You could see it coming. The show got really random near the end, the good goofy stuff faded.

Other shows of interest:

CSI appears to be heading to cancellation, ending with a 2-hour “movie” finale. OTOH, the joke of a series CSI:Cyber might actually be renewed.

Bones was renewed for reasons beyond explanation.

The Mindy Project was canceled but Hulu is interested in continuing it.

No word on Family Guy. Presumably hung up on financial negotiations. We can only hope this zombie show finally gets the burial it deserves.

NBC should have done that for the original Law & Order; given it a proper send-off.

Castle, Agents of SHIELD and *Agent Carter *all got renewed, so I’m good.

The Simpsons got 2 more years.

That is good news, Agent Carter was a well written and done and it didn’t look like the ratings were quite enough to ensure it getting picked up. Any word on how many episodes for season 2?

I saw the *Librarians *were renewed for another 10 episodes on TNT.

Agent Carter is getting 13 episodes, I read. Although the final number is still up in the air.

Cool, thanks, they can build a good story line that way.

Woohoo! Galavant gets renewed!
♪ Maybe ABC isn’t the worst station ever! ♪

As long as there’s a Fox, the “best” that ABC can hope for is #2 on that list. :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard Constantine was done, but being shopped around to other networks.

“Forever” wasn’t. Forever that is. It was cancelled. Boo!

“Resurrected” won’t be.

Revenge has been … has been served cold for the final time.

Nah, it should still be on. I miss it all the time.

That’s bad news but I kind of knew it was coming with the way ABC was handling the show.

Resurrection was cancelled, which I’m really bummed about. It was a decent enough show and I got into the mystery end of it. Does anyone know where the storyline was headed next? I can’t handle the not knowing.

Forever is no more,

Resurrection stays dead,

Bones got new life

Constantine isn’t so constant anymore.


American Idol is finally heading up the river.

The wife and I really liked Backstrom, but I believe it has officially been axed.

Bones is still OK. I know how I think it should end:

A few episodes before the last one, Bones’ father gets murdered. Bones figures out who is responsible, but she can’t prove it. In the last episode, the person responsible turns up dead. The evidence turns out to be confusing and contradictory. Eventually, Booth and the rest of the team realize that the only way this can be explained is that Bones killed the guy, and is using her position to steer suspicion away from herself. They confront her with this. She confesses, and out of friendship they let her quit her job and depart for an antropological expedition in some far-flung part of the world. Officially, the case remains unsolved.

I think this would be in-character for Bones. She’s a total sociopath, and would probably commit murder if she thought she could get away with it. Booth would take care of their kids, and frankly I don’t see Bones losing a ton of sleep over them.