The case of the missing thread

A short time ago I posted a reply in a thread titled something like do you have too many photographs? I have no idea which forum it was in and searching on posts by username VenusProbe or keywords that I know were in my reply do not return anything remotely resembling the thread. :dubious:

So has this thread been sucked into some sort of black hole? Does anyone else remember it? Or have I dreamed the whole thing?

Probably started by a sock. Email a mod.

Yes, you posted to “Do you have too many photos?” but it was, as twickster suggested, started by a sock/troll. In most cases concerning threads started by socks and trolls, we remove them from sight (and thus, hopefully, remove any reward a troll feels seeing his/her handiwork on screen). So, when a thread disappears, we prefer you e-mail or PM a mod and ask him/her why the thread is no longer available. That way, with the question and answer handled privately, the troll doesn’t publicly receive any more attention.

And since this has been asked and answered, I’ll go ahead and close the thread.