The cat has a nose whistle

I adopted my cat, Pudding, years ago before I had a husband or a kid. At that time she’d been in the shelter for five months (her second time at the shelter, too) and had gotten very sick and lost an eye there. She was a lovely cat but skinny and tired and definitely only going to do things her way.

Since our daughter was born, she’s learned that she needs to take whatever lovin’ she can get, because nobody (except the baby) is going to chase after her for cuddles. So I finally have the snuggly-poo lap cat I originally wanted.

Right now she’s asleep on the back of the sofa right beside me. She’s been there on and off all day. She’s also had a nose whistle all day, and as she’s falling deeply asleep, it’s turning into a snore. She has her paws wrapped around her face, and just now I twiddled her kitty toes on one paw and she didn’t mind at all.

That is all. Oh, and I do know the rules.

Sweet! I recently lost my cat, and am missing him ( and his sister who was lost to us last year). What a sweetie cat. Made me smile.

Pretty girl, and what a lovely eye.

My boys are randomly affectionate. Right now I’m trapped in my recliner instead of going to bed because Nekohas decided that my lap is where he wants to be, and he doesn’t do that often.

Do you have a front facing picture of the kitty? She might look like Hitler, something of note.

Not all the kittehs are smart enough to adapt to the inevitable, so major props to your snuggly-poo toe-twiddle-able beauty. and squee and stuff. Our kitties don’t put out teh cuddles unless a) they’re in the mood and II] it’s frickin’ cold! and they pee on stuff from time to time, and are confirmed OCD wool-lickers and biscuit-kneaders (obvy lost their mama too young). Beautiful critters, though, and have us wrapped around their carefully sharpened claws.

Yes, Pudding is a Kitler. She has the hair part and the moustache and everything. She’s even better than a Kitler, though, with that one missing eye. If only there was a way to put a tiny kitty eye-patch on her, she’d be a Bond villain.

Pudding doesn’t lick wool (ewww) but she does like to chew on crinkly plastic then vomit up the pieces. It’s quite annoying actually. It was a vague foreshadow of what child-proofing is like.

Today it came to my attention that she is learning to slink under the baby’s outstretched hand fast enough to get petted without getting grabbed. I hope this turns out well.