The Celebrity Death Pool 2004

Damn! Saw his autobiography on sale and it looked new. Please replace with Jazz Pianist McCoy Tyner.

Sam Walton, McCoy Tyner – six of one, half dozen of the other.

Frankie Laine
Maynard Ferguson
Patty Andrews (Andrews Sisters)
Noel Redding

Allan Melvin (Sam the Butcher, Brady Bunch)
Al Molinaro
June Lockhart
Chris Kattan

Robert McNamara
Hamid Karzai
PW Botha
Lloyd Bentsen

Bill France Jr

Bob Barker
Marlon Brando
Julia Child
Walter Cronkite
Kirk Douglas
Stephen King
Don Knotts
Pope John Paul II
Richard Pryor
Dan Rather
Ronald Reagan
Peter Ustinov
Barbara Walters

Hey a35362, kudos on a great job in 2003 and here’s looking forward to another morbid year.

My 2004 picks:

Bob Barker
Dick Clark
Ed McMahon
Gerald Ford
Macauly Culkin
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson’s Accuser (name unknown)
Paul Harvey
Pope John Paul II
Richard Pryor
Ronald Reagan
Walter Cronkite

Ah, leave it like it is. The Grim Spectre is a tricky one to outguess.

Who won last year? I can’t recall if I got any at all.

The Soon-To-Be-Dearly-Departed

  1. Richard Pryor
  2. Annette Funicello
  3. Ronald Reagan
  4. Pope John Paul II
  5. Dick Van Dyke
  6. Studs Terkel
  7. Courtney Love
  8. Eddie Van Halen
  9. Sid Caesar
  10. Prince Ranier of Monaco

Disclaimer- The following list of celebrities does not imply that I necessarily feel any ill will towards these people.

This is more or less a seat-of-the-pants list, in no particular order, so here goes:

  1. Bob Barker- He’s outlived two TPiR announcers. You have to wonder what this does to his psyche.

  2. Michael Jackson- He’s on everyone else’s list, but what the hell. He’s so far gone and lost all self-respect and respect from the public, that if he doesn’t do himself in, someone else will.

  3. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam lead singer)- Every year it seems we lose at least one prominent figure from the rock music scene before his time.

  4. James Hetfield (Lead singer for Metallica)- These guys have been around awhile, but with all the fallout from Napster and the loss of their fans, along with the abysmally poor release of St. Anger, the band members may start using drugs more to deal with the disappointment.

  5. Lars Ulrich (drummer for Metallica)- see above.

  6. John Travolta- No particular reason, just a wildcard I decided to throw in there.

  7. Walter Cronkite- I wasn’t sure if he was still alive before submitting his name.

  8. Andrew Dice Clay- Gotta have at least one has-been in the mix.

  9. Steve Tyler (lead singer for Aerosmith)- Another veteran rocker who’s been lucky so far.

  10. Ed Koch (former mayor of New York City)- I needed to get at least one political figure on my list and nobody else chose this one yet.

  11. Hugh Downs (ABC news personality)- An old-timer who hasn’t been listed yet.

  12. Andy Rooney (CBS news personality)- Another one who’s getting way up there.

  13. Tom Cruise- A relatively young one I’m putting in my list for the longshot.

Horseflesh – do you want me to go with Queen Elizabeth II or Martin Landau?

plnnr, gimme three more names. To answer your question, the 2003 game isn’t over yet, but Cisco is in the lead. You didn’t submit a list last year.

Here’s my list in no specific order…

Pope John Paul II
Carol Burnett
Roy Horn
Larry King
Charlton Heston
Maggie Smith
Ronald Reagan
Scott Weiland
Crown Prince Albert Grimaldi (of Monaco)
Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh)
Helmot Kohl (Former German Chancellor)
Jacques Chirac
Andy Griffith

Must have played in an earlier version.

My final three:

  1. Don Rickles
  2. Ralph Stanley
  3. Bishop Desmond Tutu
  1. Pope John Paul II
  2. Margaret Thatcher
  3. George Best
  4. Hamid Karzai
  5. Richard Pryor
  6. Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh)
  7. Stephen Hawking
  8. Whitney Houston
  9. Mollie Sugden
  10. Holly Johnson
  11. Pamela Anderson
  12. 50 Cent
  13. Doris Day

Well, I did pretty poorly this year so I’m gonna revamp the list:

Keeping these:
Pope John Paul II
Michael Jackson
Christopher Lee
Yassir Arafat
Steve O
Jimmy Carter

Dumping the 3 Supermen for:
Ray Harryhausen
Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan’s Island)
Kirk Douglas

And 4 new outside chances:
Macauley Culkin
Martin Short
Meat Loaf (They say he’ll recover, but you never know)
David Blaine

The Important Folks:

  1. Ronald Reagan
  2. Pope John Paul II
  3. Margaret Thatcher (recent strokes, I think)
  4. Yasser Arafat (looking shaky)
  5. Saddam Hussein (I think Osama will keep hiding, damn him)

The Theater and TV World:
6) Betty Comden (saw her recently, this fine lady still has the spirit but the body is failing)
7) Jane Wyatt (has had strokes)
8) James Doohan (ditto)
9) George O’Dowd (wild card; stage name is Boy George)

OMFG!! Category:
10) Jack Osbourne (turned 18 a few weeks ago)
11) Michael Jackson
12) Robert Downey Jr.
13) Current President George W. Bush (dangerous world out there for him right now, all somebody needs is ‘one good day’. NOT an endorsement of this on my part).

If I miscalculated and Jack O. is ineligible, please sub Pres. Gerald Ford.

oh wow! I never played this game before! (only ever saw old threads, never saw them early enough to actually enter!) I am officially excited. and stuff.

Most of my picks are fairly obvious, ah well. A lot of them are elderly too. I’m not too worried about the points. I’m aiming for quantity over quality or er, something

  1. David Crosby
  2. Pope John Paul II (yeah I know everyone else has him too!)
  3. Michael Jackson (ditto!)
  4. Courtney Love
  5. Fidel Castro
  6. Margaret Thatcher
  7. Gerald Ford
  8. Ronald Reagan
  9. Prince Rainier of Monaco (he must be pretty old by now right?)
  10. Paris Hilton (oblig. self destructive young person long shot)
  11. Lady Bird Johnson
  12. Zsa Zsa Gabor
  13. Agnetha Faltskog (out of Abba. I don’t know why I picked her, but there’s just something very mortality-ous about howard hughes-esque recluses who date their own stalkers-yes I know mortality-ous isn’t a word!)

and that’s it!

A point of clarification: When I said ‘Pope John Paul’, I meant II, not I…:smack:

A suggestion to the organizer: what about adding an optional general manner of death category? I would suggest 3 categories:
Disease/Old Age/Infirmity, Accidental/Misadventure, and Violence. Extra points or a special award for correctly guessing the category…

Correction on mine, please.

I completely blew off the “18 and older” rule. Please replace Michael Jackson’s Accuser with June Foray.


Nobody likes a shutout! Things aren’t looking good for the boy.

Scott Weiland! Man! Theres a winner! I wish I’da thought of him! He’s on the cusp! Oh well. I stand by my originals.

P.S. We are all sick Sons-a-Bitches! :smiley:

Insert clever sig here.

I am in total awe that you found a way to make this contest even sicker!:eek:

Thank you… :smiley: