The Celebrity Death Pool 2012

I find this site helpful when I’m not sure of a listee’s status.

I see the rule. My point is that rule 3-g contradicts the un-numbered rule “We have no rule about what constitutes ‘celebrity,’ because it makes our heads hurt to think about this.” My question is whether you will be allowing and arbitrating challenges (per 3-g) or whether you will be allowing everything (per the aforementioned un-numbered rule).

If you’re only famous because you are sick, and not an artist/actor/politician/activist/business leader/whatever, then that is not acceptable. It’s the one exception, if you want to call it that, to just being a “celebrity”. If anyone challenges someone’s submission for some other reason, let’s do it by PM so as not to derail the thread.

I was going to respond with “are you a lawyer?”, but decided to check your profile first. And lo and behold…

Guilty as charged. If there’s one thing we tend to be good at, it’s finding problems with rules.

Prepare to be further humbled: your list has 14 entries.

I would come back at you by pointing out that the rules correctly state that we have no rules about what constitutes a celebrity. We do have rules that state what are valid “picks.” So clearly someone can be both a celebrity and an invalid pick.

What are you, a lawyer? :slight_smile:

All right, I’ll play! It’s the Straight Dope All-Star* Sports Edition of the Celebrity Death Pool!

Nolan Ryan
Terry Bradshaw
Vin Scully
Pat Summitt
David Stern
Gary Carter
Jack McKeon
Richard Simmons
Terrell Owens
Bob Knight
Tony LaRussa
Jeremy Mayfield
Joe Paterno

Bela Karolyi
Yogi Berra
Muhammad Ali

*using the term “All-Star” very loosely…

He’s back to being Prince again. I guess you mean The Artist Known As Prince Who Was Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. :smiley:

Stan Musial
Yogi Berra
Willie Mays
Muhammad Ali
Arnold Palmer
Jack Nicklaus
Gary Player
Mike Ditka
Ara Parseghian
Mike Wallace
Mary Tyler Moore
Carol Burnett
Bob Newhart

Don Rickles
Pope Benedict

Mike Wallace the CBS reporter btw

I’m going to submit a themed list – the same theme I use every year: Death-Cheating Celebrities

Dick Clark
Dick Cheney
Harper Lee
Fidel Castro
Joe Paterno
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
John Paul Stevens
Jacques Chirac
Margaret Thatcher
Sun Yung Moon
Hal Holbrook
Abe Vigoda
Stan Musial
Chuck Bednarik

He’s Prince again.

Ringo Starr
Ian Anderson
Christopher D’Amboise
Charlotte D’Amboise
Nadya Suleman
Mark Phelps
Charlie Sheen
Mike Tyson
Roger McGuinn
Bridget Bardot
Mark Volman
David Cassidy

Theme: Bushies/Republicans

George W. Bush
George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Dick Cheney
Paul Wolfowitz
Colin Powell
Condoleezza Rice
Donald Rumsfeld
John McCain
Alan Greenspan
Pat Robertson
Nancy Reagan
Henry Kissinger

By Barbara Bush, I mean George W. Bush’s mom, not his daughter.

This is a list of celebrities who have irritated me in the past year.
While I do not actively wish death on them, I wouldn’t mind, for the purposes of this list, if they were culled from the herd in 2012:

Albert Pujols
Tony Larussa
Scott Boras
Al Gore
Joe Paterno
Brett Favre
Kim Kardashian
Newt Gingrich
Karthik Nadar
Larry King
Oprah Winfrey
Vladimir Putin
Hamed Karzai

Alternate irritators:
Jerry Lewis
Kim Jong-il
James Garner

Judgement call. Would Ratko Mladic count as a political prisoner?

You have 14 names, so you have to eliminate one or declare one an alternate.

I assume you mean Michael Phelps, as Mark Phelps is the men’s basketball coach at Drake University.

Fidel Castro
Miley Cyrus
Tony Bennett
Pete Doherty
Joe Jackson (father of the Jacksons)
Fred Phelps
Hutton Gibson
Nancy Reagan
El Debarge
Anders Behring Breivik
Hugh Hefner
Rep. David Wu
Jerry Sandusky

Preston Lacey

James “Brett Maverick”, “Jim Rockford” Garner? I’ve got to know: what did he do to tick you off, Enuma?