The Celebrity Death Pool 2012

“Jim Rockford” Garner. I used to love the show. Watched almost every episode. It is now running on the local oldies station and I find it almost unwatchable. Of course it couldn’t be my tastes that have changed … so I am irritated at James Garner for not being timeless. I admit, though, this is the mildest irritation on my list, but I was stuck for a last name, so…

My themed entry, Leftist Moonbats and Loathsome Dictators:

George Soros
Louis Farrakhan
Hugo Chavez
Robert Mugabe
Michael Moore
Kim Jong-Il
Bill Moyers
Bashir Assad
Maxine Waters
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Eric Holder
Jon Corzine
Rosie O’Donnell
Bill Ayers
Rahm Emanuel

Maybe Garner getting old and having all those strokes pissed him/her off…

Thanks to all who tell me if their list is themed, I wasn’t too sure about a couple and PM’d them about it.

If a list has too many picks, say, 14 instead of 13, I’ll cut off the last one unless told otherwise,

(Version 3, I really thought I had checked this.)

Michael Douglas
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Margaret Thatcher
Bridget Bardot
Ronnie Biggs
Ariel Sharon
Dick Clark
Jerry Lewis
Phyllis Diller
Mel Gibson
Billy Ghraham the preacher
Henry Kissinger
Hugo Chavez
Andy Willams

Lindsey Lohan

I just want to wish everyone GOOD LUCK!

I hope I crush you all!

Paul, I don’t know what the problem is, but you still have 14 picks.

In all the years I’ve been entering the Death Pool, this is the first time I’ve realized what a horrible, cruel, sick game it is. Nothing bad had better to happen to Charlotte or Christopher, or I’m going to be very, very upset with you, Annie-X-mas

On the other hand, this pick is pure brilliance. I can’t even add him to my own list, because I am notoriously bad at picking, and he really does need to die.

Conrad Murray
John Travolta
Kim Jong Il
Robin Gibb
Penny Marshall
Nanette Fabray
Billie Jean King
Tim Curry
Dan Rather
Bryant Charles Gumbel
Lindsay Lohan
Peter Tork
Harrison Ford

Tom Cruise
Janet Jackson
Carrie Fisher
When I read about the “Spider Therapy” there was absolutely no chance of anyone else claiming the #1 slot. :confused::eek:

Theme: A List of Evilness (IMO)

Omar al-Bashir - President of Sudan
Kim Jong-Il - Supreme Leader of N.Korea
Sayyid Ali Khamenei - Supreme Leader of Iran
Hu Jintao - Paramount Leader People’s Republic of China
King Abdullah - King Saudi Arabia
Raul Castro - President of the Council of State of Cuba
Robert Mugabe - President Zimbabwe
Islam Karimov - President of Uzbekistan
Bashar al-Assad - President Syrian Arab Republic
Hugo Chavez - President Venezuela
Isayas Afewerki - leader Eritrea
Yoweri Museveni - President of Uganda
Teodoro Obiang Nguema - leader Equatorial Guinea


Dick Cheney
Fidel Castro
Plain List:

Omar al-Bashir
Kim Jong-Il
Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Hu Jintao
King Abdullah
Raul Castro
Robert Mugabe
Islam Karimov
Bashar al-Assad
Hugo Chavez
Isayas Afewerki
Yoweri Museveni
Teodoro Obiang Nguema

Dick Cheney
Fidel Castro

Amending mine based on late-breaking events (yes, I feel like a vulture):

Fidel Castro
Miley Cyrus
Tony Bennett
Pete Doherty
Joe Jackson (father of the Jacksons)
Fred Phelps
Hutton Gibson
Nancy Reagan
El Debarge
Anders Behring Breivik
Jerry Sandusky
George McGovern
Billy Graham

Preston Lacey
Rep. David Wu
Hugh Hefner

For those of you into soccer and the Death Pool it seems a former star player in South America is quite ill. And he’s not all that old.

I read that fast and thought it said Bashar Half-Assed.

I like my version better.

I’ve missed a few years… time to wade back in.
Columnist Andrew Sullivan
Columnist Michael Kinsley
60 Minutes stalwart Morley Safer
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Herman Cain
Indy QB Peyton Manning
Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria
Kourtney Kardashian
Johnny Depp
Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky
Former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi
Margaret Thatcher
Jimmy Carter

plain version:
Michael Kinsley
Andrew Sullivan
Morley Safer
Prince William
Herman Cain
Peyton Manning
Bashar Assad
Kourtney Kardashian
Johnny Depp
Jerry Sandusky
Silvio Berlusconi
Margaret Thatcher
Jimmy Carter

Bob Dole
Karl Rove

Long time Lurker, First time player. I don’t have any snappy comments. These are just people that I have a feeling about…

Penny Marshall
Robin Gibb
Kirk Douglas
Ethan Zohn
Queen Elizabeth II
Michael Lohan
Fidel Castro
Cristiano Ronaldo
Lindsay Lohan
Michael Douglas
Mohammed Ali
William Shatner
Dick Cheney

Danny Bonaduce
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Hugo Chavez

By the powers vested in me by the cold, cruel universe, I grant the following people eternal life. Or at least a reprieve from death in 2012:

Zsa Zsa Gabor
Grace Slick
Fidel Castro
Michelle Duggar
Michael Stipe
Sonny Barger
Jimmy Carter
Ron Paul
Tom Cruise
Hulk Hogan
Jello Biafra
Bob Barker
Charles Manson


Mike Tyson
Stephen King

The result of my attempt to use wikipedia to find people. There were just too many candidates to go through properly and I no longer want to find out which names have health problems. I started with 1920s births as a balance between age and points, hence mine are mostly around the same age.It was pretty sad to go through the lists and realize just how many household names will shuffle off in the next few years.

My list, Unthemed, in rough order from “don’t die” to “Good riddance”

  1. Colin ‘Pinetree’ Meads, NZ Rugby player and the big NZ Living Legend since Sir Edmund Hillary died last year.
  2. Charlie Watts, Rolling stones drummer and former substance abuser.
  3. Albert Uderzo, ‘Asterix’ Illustrator/writer
  4. Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stone. Disco-funk singer legendary for excess lifestyle.
  5. Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Astronaut
  6. James D. Watson, Co-discoverer of DNA
  7. Daniel Arap Moi, Former Kenyan President
  8. T-Pain, Known as Faheem Rasheed Najm to his mother. My 27 club pick. Unsure what to call him in the plain list.
    9.Don King, Boxing Promoter
  9. Ariel Sharon, Former Israeli President. Jumping on the bandwagon here.
  10. Dick Cheney, US shotgun/Quail enthusiast, more machine than man.
  11. Charles Manson, Very naughty boy.
  12. Harold Camping, savior of the earth.

Barbara Bush, Wife of G.H.W. Bush.
Lily Allen, British Pop singer. Please don’t die. But… you are a 27 club candidate right now.
Mort Drucker, MAD magazine writer.
Plain list:

Colin Meads
Charlie Watts
Albert Uderzo
Don King
Sly Stone
Jim Lovell
James Watson
Daniel Arap Moi
Ariel Sharon
Dick Cheney
Charles Manson
Harold Camping


Barbara Bush
Lily Allen
Mort Drucker

God I would hope not. **

Could we at least weld a chastity belt on to her, if she is going to live forever? I mean come on. PUT A CORK IN IT!

He’s putting something in there on a regular basis.