The "Chiller" Channel--Waste of Time or Missed Opportunity?

Just felt the need to vent a bit on this topic.

My cable system recently got the Chiller channel. So I’m enthused–a whole channel devoted to horror. Problem: all they ever show are mini-marathons of failed TV series like Dark Realm, Brimstone, Milennium, yada yada yada. And for movies, we get pretty much the same crap that Syfy (which, BTW, stands for “Sucks, Yes? F***,** Y**eah!”) shows.

What’s really tragic about it is that it’s owned by Universal, which has probably the greatest library of classic (and not-so-classic, but still fun) horror films in the world! They can’t cost more to air than the dreck they show now, so what gives?

Haven’t seen the Chiller Channel, but I thought Brimstonewas worth watching just for John Glover’s work. He makes a good Lucifer, maybe more so than Ray Wise.

Brimstone was pretty good to begin with, but it very quickly became a Monster of the Week thing with the outcome never in doubt.

Millennium was great – especially the demons in the doughnut shop episode – until they wimped out after the plague. Could have been utterly apocalyptic, but when they came back the next season it was like, ‘Plague? What plague? Oh, you mean that minor epidemic? It’s over. Nothing to worry about.’

I’m not a fan of watching films of any kind on regular ,non-premium (read, commercials every ten minutes) television. Horror films in particular suffer because the commercial breaks release the tension the film are deliberately trying to build up. And of course the films are edited heavily for content. So yeah, the channel is pretty much a waste of space on the dial.

Millennium takes me back to my college days…it was appointment TV (along with X-Files) amongst my room/housemates. At least Millennium didn’t turn into the twisted Cherynbol-style mess X-Files ended up in. I can at least watch an old episode of Millennium and feel nostalgic and not angry and bitter.

It could be a lot better. They show a lot of Tales from the Crypt, which I love, but…that’s it. They could show more cool horror movies. Some Stephen King ones. Maybe even some kiddie horror…There’s not nearly enough Are You Afraid of the Dark or Goosebumps.

I’d love to see them run some of the old horror movies with Elvira hosting.

Anyone know if her old shows got recorded? I never got to see most of her stuff. I saw a blooper clip where she used a real chainsaw to chop up a table and she nearly hurt herself.
Yeah, Chiller needs to run Elvira and those cheesy horror flicks she hosted.

They were both brilliant, Wise as a smarmy Prince of Lies and Glover as just plain creepy.

There was an Australian Western Horror movie, and she complained that the crew told her she had to watch it standing on her head, since it was from the Southern hemisphere. Some reference to how she kept falling out of her costume.

My goodness, I’d forgotten…I’ll be in my bunk.

Aw, I loved Elvira’s late night movies back in the day! Haven’t seen her on TV during Halloween for a long time, either…If you search for ‘Elvira’ on, you will find several DVDs of her old hosted movies, and a collection of movies with new intros by her, plus “Elvira Mistress of the Dark” (which I always mean to mention in guilty pleasures threads and always forget).

Mystery Science Theater 3000 would be great on Chiller.
There’s a lot of horror movies in MST3k.

I’d watch a Brimstone marathon in a (heh) heartbeat, but I wouldn’t get a whole channel just for that.