The Chinese Cat Round-up... Is this for real?

I will say this, I am less than thrilled that China was awarded to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, due to the fact that the country has some serious human rights violations among other things.

Then there was all the crap that has been being reported from China recently.

First, it was requiring athletes participating in the Olympics to sign ‘gag order’ forms saying that they would not openly criticize China’s political policies.

This past week, it was an article discussing permanently banning foreign musicians who speak out against China’s occupation of Tibet.

Now today, I read an article claiming that Beijing/ the Chinese government is rounding up stray cats and is spreading lies about how cats are disease ridden pests who were responsible for SARS in order to get people to abandon their pet cats and then the cats are taken off to die in horrible conditions.

Is there any truth to this at all?