The Chocolate News

Did anyone else catch the series premier of the Chocolate News? I was blown away by how bad this show was. The opening monologue showed a tiny bit of promise, in that I agreed with it, but it wasn’t funny. Who thought it was a good idea to open with a [very unfunny] skit about Maya Angelou? Don’t open your show with a skit about a woman most of your target audience has probably never heard of.

The acting was bad.

The character of “DAG” has nothing going for him.

The Rodney King riots? The east coast/west coast feud? Come on, can you get a little more irrelevant? Someone who is a senior in high school now was one year old when the LA riots happened. ONE. He might not have ever even heard of them.

The “N-word Peace Treaty” was a very cheap knockoff of Chappelle’s “Racial Draft”.

David Allen Greer was on Howard Stern yesterday and they were saying the show got great reviews, but I’m finding that hard to believe. I’m going to have to look for those reviews now.

What a horrible show.

I’ve only seen the commercials and those were enough to keep me the hell away.

Yup,no interest here.

I meant to catch it if only for the fact that I loved him on In Living Color. two snaps

David Allen Grier is only slightly funny on his best days. Why they gave this guy a show is beyond my comprehension, but I hope that the commericals go away soon because they’re really annoying.

They should put him on the same show with Frank Caliendo and call it “Nobody’s Watching And Nobody Cares.”

I thought it was pretty funny. shrug

I knew it would suck form the moment it was introduced. He wasn’t funny on In Living Color either.

Can you elaborate? “I thought it was funny shrug” is no more helpful than “I thought it sucked shrug.” I wanted to like it and was looking hard for humor but I just couldn’t find any. The Phat Man bit came closest but still missed. Dave Chappelle also did the ‘shock a classroom full of children’ bit to better effect.

I have a theory about Frank Caliendo. I think Frank Caliendo is only famous because Frank Caliendo’s name is fun to say. All my friends forget how to use pronouns in discussions of Frank Caliendo. Frank Caliendo’s Madden impression might be funny if I watched football though. Frank Caliendo.

Same. All I could think on seeing them was “…This is why we can’t have nice things.”

I had some hope for this show. Wasn’t expecting Chapelle but hoping for far better than Mencia. It started out “meh” and went way, way down from there.

What talents DAG actually has were not in evidence at all. How does that happen?

By god, I think you’re right. I’ll be a Frank Caliendo.

What are those talents? He seems like a nice guy, smart guy - went to Yale. Not funny at all, though. He doesn’t seem to be much of an actor and he completely failed at creating an interesting character to host his show. It’s [sub]just[/sub] [sup]him, but[/sup] more! EMOTIVE!

Frank Caliendo.

Taking bets on how long this show lasts until it gets cancelled. I’ll put the over/under at six weeks. Any takers?

This show won’t last as long as Leguizamo’s “House of Buggin”.

DAG has never been particularly talented. Why someone gave him a show I can’t imagine…


David Allen Grier sucks, so I was expecting this to suck. But the previews looked horrible. I’m not sorry I missed it.

Comedy Central may need someone to explain the Comedy concept to them.

They just seem desperate to replicate the success of the few shows that have worked for them, instead of doing what those shows did - something original.

Lil Bush and Drawn Together ----for----> South Park
Mind of Mencia and others that failed so badly I don’t remember their names ----for----> Chappelle’s Show
and now Chocolate News for ----for---->The Daily Show

Comedy Central has given us some brilliant entertainment but the shows on the left side of that list are among the worst programming I’ve ever seen.

It’s the only thing funny about him, and Madden is the easiest target in the world anyway.