The Christmas season is a little sadder without...

The Christmas season is a little sadder without Brach’s Filled Red Raspberries. One can only order them online from a couple of places and pay more for the shipping than for the candy. I am so sad. In fact, I can’t even find ANY filled Christmas candy in the cans. I ran to Walgreen’s because they advertised it in their sale paper, only to find they were toying with me and didn’t really have any. I am so sad.

Is that a type of hard candy?

Yes. It’s a kind of grandma candy, making eating it a special part of holiday nostalgia.

Sneer if you must. They sure tasted better than Gummy Bears.

These things.

Not a fan but they are a classic candy.

Do they have to be Brachs? Primroserasberry filled candy is available on Amazon.

I don’t know how they compare though, because I’m not familiar.

Thank you. As I said, one can order them online. The shipping is almost as much as the candy. I lament the fact that I can’t just buy them at the store anymore. Anywhere.

Ah. I have Amazon Prime, so the shipping wasn’t a thought.