The Chrysler PT Cruiser and under 40 year old people - Do you like it or not?

I saw this Chrysler commercial on TV recently with a bunch of just past 20 somethings just as delighted as can be with their super-cool PT Cruiser as they tooled around town doing their usual 20 something Mento’s freshness type activities.

The PT Cruiser’s quasi retro styling is not to my personal taste taste but to each his own. Reflecting on the attempted appeal to young people, the majority of the people I have seen driving the PT Cruiser are the same people in terms of age and social demographics that I would expect to see at a Kenny Rogers concert. I have asked my daughters friends and some 20 year olds I know how they like the car and the response has been universal disdain and revulsion.

Are there 20 something dopers out there that would buy the PT Cruiser as their main car of choice?

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The car in question PT Cruiser

Yuk! I’ve hated these things since they first came out, it seems to be trying to be a 50s hot-rod but fails miserably. I’ve never been a fan of American cars but this on really does suck - I would never own one.

I’m 20 btw.

A friend of mine’s Dad wants one though, but he’s about 50.

They look like homage to 70s nostalgia for the 50s. The automotive equivalent of the recent reunion of the cast of Grease.

I liked them at first, but I got sick of them after seeing a few on the road.

My favourite car right now is the Audi TT Coupe (silver or black).

I like hawthorne’s take. I’m well-known to believe that they’re the ugliest cars on the road. I’m 22.

I’m 48, my husband is 45, and we have one - his choice. It’s roomy and comfy and when you put the seats down or take them out, you can haul a lot of stuff. It gets crappy mileage, but we like it better than the Mazda it replaced. Yeah, I know you asked for under-40 - so sue me. :smiley:

Our 17-y/o daughter has driven it several times. While she likes her New Beetle better, she enjoys driving the cruiser. She can get 4 of her friends into it, whereas the Beetle can only accommodate 3 others.

And I believe, for some strange reason, they’ve considered to be SUVs. <shrug>

I’m 33 and I always liked it. But my 32 year old wife thinks it looks too much like an old breadtruck and will never get one.

In our home it’s known as the PT Loser.

Looks too much like a minivan to ever be the slightest bit cool.

I like them. I pinch people when I see them.

I first saw one of those things in the USA and they appear to have followed me back to England.

My wife thinks they look like deformed London taxis: Like someone dropped a piano on the hood, to be exact.

I’m 22, and I would get one if it fit in my budget. However, I’d have to make some slight modifications, make friends with some old school mobsters, and invest in some tommy guns. Aw yeah.

Just-turned-34 (so I have one more year of demographic desirability) and I love the PT. It’d be what I’d be if I won only a moderate amount of money at Lotto, so I was forced to buy something remotely practical…

It’s funny, it seems especially unpopular in Britain. The ugly-car sites in the UK all name the PT, which I find quite odd. Although aggressive - low-slung with a slightly malevolent, hunched-shoulders posture - it’s such a cohesive design that I find it impossible not to like.

They’ve always resembled hearses to me. Especially the black ones.

We do have one car that is more stupid-looking than the PT Cruiser, we have the smart.

You appear to be suffering from a brain fever. I suggest you visit a doctor.

Some people here said before that its underpowered. I think like the new vw beetle that its more looks than anything else. I don’t think I would want to invest in one. Parts & Manf from from Canada & mexico or so it said on the paper on it I read.

Exactly. They remind me of that car that Harold built in “Harold and Maude.”

FTR - 21 yo

It wouldn’t be my first choice if I were looking for an automobile, but I don’t find them particularly ugly. I’m glad that Detroit is producing a car that doesn’t look like every other car available.

My 28 year old wife loves them and would be thrilled if we chose to replace one of our cars with one of those.


they are not 50’s retro - they are 30’s retro see 1936 Chrysler Airflow at: