The Chuck Barris Conspiracy

In the early eigthies, I read a book called “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” It was listed as “non-fiction” and was the autobiographical account of TV producer/celebrity Cuck Barris. The book cut between Barris’ anecdotes of his adventures as the producer of The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, The Gong Show, et al and his anecdotes of his adventures as a CIA operative. According to Barris, he was performing hits for the agency while he was officially chaperoning “Dream Dates” for the network. I remember finding it an interesting read although I wasn’t really sure if it was all true.

In the early nineties, I found another book by Barris called “The Game Show King.” Thinking it might be another good read, I picked it up. I was surprised to find the exact same anecdotes (wrod-for-word) about his producing days but nothing about the CIA. In fact, it was the same book as “Confessions” but the stuff about his days as a Wet Boy were replaced by stuff about his current retirement in the South of France.

Was Chuck Barris lying or what?

People who can legitmately boast of having been assasins for the CIA generally a) won’t brag about it b) won’t brag about it in a book about their lives as game show hosts and c) won’t get the chance to brag about it twice, if you get my drift.

Actually, I’m undecided.

Either Barris was pulling our collective leg, or he has delusions of grandeur.

I don’t see a third possibility.

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In the “Confessions” book, Barris explains that he is safe to tell his CIA tales because everybody that he is writing about is dead and that anyone else at the CIA would simply deny association. I know that sounds pretty hinky.

Since the book was published as “non-fiction/autobiography,” I would imagine that the publisher had to verify the story. So, I would think that it would have to have some factual basis.

And why a re-print with the interesting parts cut out?

I guess you haven’t heard of the new Reagan biography which has a fictional character in it, which is supposed to admire reagan from afar.

The guy that wrote the book did nothing to make the character look fictional in the book, you have to know going in that he doesnt exist. It has caused quite a hubub.
I think I am going to post a question about it, come to think of it.


No, I hadn’t heard of that. Sounds interesting.

I read a couple of reviews on “Confessions” at Amazon. I’d forgotten that Barris called it an “unauthorized” biography – whatever that means. The reviewers all seem to think he was joking. Maybe I’m gullible.

Did you know that ‘gullible’ isn’t in the dictionary . . .

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You are out to lunch.

I just looked up and it’s in there.

That’s twice.

I’m not looking it up again.

According to the Pope, a woman can be a saint, but not a priest.