The gong sounds for Chuck Barris

Chuck Barris, the game show magnate who created such popular shows as The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and The Gong Show, has died at 87. At one point, Barris had 27 hours of network programming on the air per week. In his book, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Barris had claimed to be a CIA assassin.


Did he ever comment on the famous “in the butt, Bob” :slight_smile:

Chuck Barris.

Chuck Berry.

Now I’m confused. :wink:

Bijou, that was Bob Eubanks on The Newlywed Game.

The Grim Reaper is playing a word ladder game.

Somebody better go check on Chuck Norris.

I was trying to think of the next Chuck!! Norris is perfect. I had just read an article on Chuck Woolery and couldn’t shake that name.

How many Chucks had the grim reaper struck? I say, bad luck!

(I’ll leave now.)

According to the stories, he died in Palisades, N.Y. One of his first big hits was the song “Palisades Park” about the now-departed NJ amusement part. I know they’re not the same place, but the coincidence is eerie, like the fact that Chuck Berry and chuck Barris died only a few days apart.

Death is messing with our heads.

And as an aside, a clip was found that was likely the origin of the story. It was different enough that Eubanks didn’t remember it; plus he didn’t find it particularly memorable.

(That goes to an answer of “what is the one thing my husband doesn’t want me to talk about?”, and the wife’s answer was “how he and his cousin are planning to kill his uncle for the insurance.” Which was matched.)

Chuck Yeager is still around, if you can believe it.

Yeah, but I wouldn’t fuck with that Chuck. :wink:

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I hope they play that xylo at his funeral.

Alas, Milton DeLugg died two years ago; I was hoping that he and his Band With a Thug would play.

That one has confused a lot of people over the years. Maybe Death got confused and took the wrong one at first, and is now fixing the error.

Nope! Chuck Testa!

Loved the Gong Show. It epitomized the stupidity of 70s television and foretold the future of what we now call ‘Reality Television’. Interesting guy, I met some friends of his back when, they said he his wacky public/showbiz personality was pretty much what he was. Farewell Chuck, keep 'em laughing in TV heaven.

RIP Chuck Barris of The Gong Show.

That was a fun show with an interesting panel.

And the clip appears in the movie of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which I thought was surreally brilliant.

Duplicate thread

Guess he won’t be back with more stuff…

I really liked the " gong show". Is there anywhere that it’s on. If not, it should be. It’s a lot better than the crap that’s on TV now.