The Citadel

I don’t think they’re necessarily building those walls to keep out government forces, however. The website speaks of Idaho being a good place to be “when TSHTF.”

What a bunch of pussies. They should be shooting at live targets who also have guns and are shooting back. I’ll volunteer, but only if they increase the range to 300 yards.

I’m not seeing the big deal. I’m no gun enthusiast but if a bunch of them want to live together, what’s the problem? And a local HOA that requires people to shoot targets may be unorthodox but it doesn’t seem any worse than HOAs that tell residents when to mow their lawns or what color to paint their house.

Or maybe Walking Dead fans.

It’s not a problem, it’s just something worth sharing because it’s interesting and amusing and really, really weird.

But, it is pointless. It’s survivalism.

I do strongly suspect that what will happen in the end is someone will retire to their own private compound built with the money of those who would invest in this project, who will still be stuck out here among the general public, only now a few thousand clams lighter in the pocket.

That last bit I highlighted, I’m sure our current surveillance resources can do a pretty decent job about with no need to announce it to everyone. Wanting to live in your own gated and fortified wackadoodle community among other fellow wackadoodles is not a crime, so we’ll just watch them covertly if it really worries us that much. It’s Idaho, they must be used to this by now.

(I take it that the Idaho state constitution does NOT contain a provision to the effect that any militias that may exist must be under state authority?)

So, they’re certainly not even attempting to withstand government cyberattacks, at least.

What does this mean from that link? “We will not build Safe Queens.”

Highly customized firearm that is never fired but only shown off to friends. Stays in the gun safe.
Like having a rare, perfectly restored car that never leaves the climate controlled garage.

My google-fu tells me it’s a term that describes a gun that is purchased but not used; it sits in the gun safe all the time.

Leaving Jamestown was difficult if you wanted to return to England, yes indeed. I don’t suppose the ships belonged to the settlers. But leaving Jonestown…now that was difficult…


What time did I post that - can I blame not enough coffee?

Of course!
Anyway, I don’t want another Jamestown…those folks suffered the first few years!

Oh, JAMEStown. I thought we were talking JONEStown.

I was. But I misspoke. Both, however, were shitty situations. But I don’t think the FBI would have been much help with Jamestown.

Oh, I dunno about that… it seems pretty impregnable as far as the Navy and the Coast Guard are concerned.

What I want to know is, who exactly are they expecting to need to shoot?


Terrorists. Communists. Rioters. Aliens. Criminals. Zombies. Men in Black. The Army of the Anti-Christ. Drug cartels. Vampires. Street Gangs. Foreign invaders. ZOG. Fear itself.

Fear Itself? Dude, start running.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there


that’s better than blaming the Kool Aid :slight_smile: