The Citadel

No, not a military school. This is a planned community of “Patriots,” to be built somewhere in Idaho. It will have two concentric walls with towers around the whole town, every neighborhood will be surrounded with its own towered wall, and, well:

The town’s economy is to be based on its own firearms company. Of course.

Who exactly will be making sure all these able-bodied patriots exercise their mandatory liberties?

The militiaman-survivalist equivalent of a homeowners’ association.

And people’s court.

OF COURSE it’s in Idaho.

They’ve got it all wrong. When the SHTF you don’t need everyone to be a marksman. You need to run faster than everyone who isn’t a marksman.

Because nothing says “freedom” like the government requiring you to buy a product or else be penalized, right? Take that, Obamacare!

Saw that coming.

I like how they have to hit steel targets. None of this liberal hippy bullshit paper targets for our “Patriots.”

Paper targets don’t make that patriotic ping sound.

So if you can’t hit the targets 70% of the time, you can’t live there? Same if you can’t muster to play their reindeer games?

I wonder how long before a couple of pissed-off, armed residents square off in the Town Center? :rolleyes:

Actually, this reminds me of something I asked my dad eons ago. Baltimore has the infamous Block - the section of Baltimore Street where the strip clubs were concentrated. I asked Dad why they didn’t just close them all up - he said it was better that they all be in one place - easier for the police to keep tabs on what was going on. That same logic could apply to the Citadel…

I like that it’s “designed to withstand natural disasters such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.” Hurricanes are a big problem in Idaho, I hear.

It’s not the government, it’s the landlord. Because any focus group of gun-crazy communists will show that they hate being told what to do by the government or an HOA but love being told what to do by their landlord.

A nice little community full of right-wing gun nuts.

Sounds like, if they get out of hand, the USAF can take them out with one B-52’s bombing run.

“Every able-bodied?” I’ve been to a lot of gun shows where there’s always a high RW gun nut quotient. Besides the 2nd Amendment, they also seem to hold dear whichever amendment gives them the right to chain-smoke and eat themselves north of 250 pounds.

As a gun-owning, liberty-loving patriot, I would have zero interest in living in place like that.

Yep. Here they are.

Ah, the brilliant convergence of the deluded, the paranoid, and the irony-proof.

Actually, I approve of a place like that. Keeps all the nuts in one jar. It’s when they’re out amongst everyone else, looking like the rest of us, that they are dangerous.

Sounds like a very toned down, 21st century version of Sparta. And hey, who wouldn’t want to live in Sparta?

Wait . . .

Indeed. Big stone walls have been an obsolete defense for at least several hundred years, however they’re still pretty effective at keeping people in.

Not once they move their American children in there. We won’t bomb them. We WILL have a mess on our hands. Because if we suspect child abuse, or human rights violations, its basically going to be a siege…and a siege when you don’t want kids to starve or the kid with type I diabetes to die is not a winning strategy.

The FLDS has been a problem - and they aren’t armed insurrectionists.

And the number of FBI agents and resources is going to be costly. We will need a count of all the adults going in and out of that place - and identification - from the day they build it we are going to want to know how many people are there and have background information on all of them - because the day will come when someone wants to leave (ala Jamestown) and no one wants another Jamestown.

You just haven’t been reading the right websites.

The Citadel is to be designed and built like a castle. A castle is an excellent defense system. Provided your enemies have no cannons or aircraft. The Euros figured that out (the cannon part, a least) when Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453; that’s why they stopped building castles. These guys are slow learners.