The Clairvoyant from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Is this theory any good?

Well, we need something to talk about with another rerun airing!

So, I’ve been reading all the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. threads and I think I’ve seen all of the SDMB speculation about who The Clairvoyant might be but I don’t think I’ve seen anybody propose this theory that just popped into my head.

Any chance The Clairvoyant is actually The Leader?
In various Threads discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve figured out that the passage of time is fairly on track with real time. So, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Leader got his origin event six years ago and we’ve heard nothing from him since. Also, there’s no Hulk sequel scheduled as of yet so if they’re saving him for a Hulk sequel he will by that time have been sitting around twiddling his thumbs for a very long time doing absolutely nothing.

I don’t follow the comics, but on the Wiki page his powers are described thusly:

Seems like a pretty good contender. Thoughts?
Point against my theory: on the Wiki page, it says that according to the Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in comics, he was detained by S.H.I.E.L.D. shortly after his origin event. I don’t know how cannon the tie-in comics are (though, I suppose that there’s not much point in having a comics series set in the same Universe if it’s not going to be treated as canon). Even so, that’s plenty of time for him to have escaped or he could be somehow running the show from captivity (none of the people working for him have ever met him).

I’ve heard that theory pop up a bit lately.

If they got Tim Blake Nelson to play the part, I’d be into it.
I still think it’s going to end up being the MCU version of MODOK

Tangentially related, but considering this is what the Clairvoyant was wanting to learn, I figured this would be an appropriate place for this post. I was shocked about this (potential?) slip-up, given the supposed mystery behind the identity of Coulson & Skye’s cure. I can’t believe she let this slip, given how closely Marvel Studios tries to guard certain secrets. Will the Clairvoyant have ties to the link, or is s/he just an unrelated third-party?

Spoilers as to the identity / origin of the serum.

Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

My own particular theory is that it’s Kang the Conqueror.

He comes from the future, and he knows what’s going to happen because he read the history books. And what puzzles him is that in his future, Coulson was dead.

I’ve heard your theory pop up a lot too, but not sure why. Has Modok ever displayed precog powers? Technically speaking, he was designed “Only for Killing”, so this would be pretty big spec creep. Also, they would probably need to reintroduce AIM first.

I prefer the Leader theory. Not sure Modok would be done right on a TV show

He was designed “Only for Calculating”; using his computer-like intellect, he promptly rebranded himself as “Only for Killing”.

I don’t follow the comics, but from the Wiki page:

(Bolding mine)

The Leader has the benefit that this Universe has already established his origin.
(They’ve also got a well respected actor who is probably not outrageously beyond a T.V. show’s budget)
With MODOK, they’d have lots of 'splaining to do.

BTW, I ain’t clicking on Calatin’s spoiler link. If anyone wants to address it I would, as the OP of this Thread, request that it be discussed in Spoiler Boxes if it’s brought up in this Thread. Thanks!

…but how can you rebrand what you were designed for, after you have been designed? DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!

Mind you, Aim built a lady MODOK at one point, called MODAM, which was “Mental Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers”. They have the worst acronym department in the MCU

He was designed to calculate. He still calculates.

He calculates . . . WAYS TO KILL!!!

My theory is that we have already seen him on the train-“The Clairvoyant” is actually an evil Stan Lee from an alternate universe.


(If it takes 3 psychopaths 4 hours to kill 12 people, how many psychopaths would you need to kill 100 people in 24 hours?)

I’m not the only one that thought this after seeing him on the train, am I? It explains where all the knowledge comes from.

Yes. Yes, you are.

Seriously, I like The Leader theory, but I still think one (or more) of our team has an eye thingy, and they don’t know it.

I don’t think the guys writing the MCU are quite ready to take that big a shit on their universe and their cash-producing fans, and revealing “You’re all just someone else’s comic book” to the characters would do exactly that. So no, Stan isn’t the Clairvoyant.

The eye thingy shows up on X-ray, doesn’t it? If they didn’t make head X-rays immediately mandatory for any SHIELD agent who has been out of contact for more than 24 hours, they’re insane.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t The Leader that guy who got some brainjuice in The Incredible Hulk? Some stuff broke, leaked onto his head, and his brain swelled up. I always though that was the Leader

So, in this shared universe, he got his origin event six years ago but we haven’t heard from him since. There’s already a well respected (yet within budget) actor established in the role. The character’s powers “border on clairvoyance”. Hence my theory.

I get 4 and a sixth, but I’ll round up to 5 psychopaths just to be sure.