The Clarion Fund - What is it?

I received a dvd in the mail today titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West”. I went online to check out this organization and I haven’t found any answers as to what it is. Wiki wasn’t much help and a couple of blogs weren’t much help either. One said the domain was traced to Arizona, not sure how reliable that is. It has a banner across the front “As seen on CNN and Fox News” which doesn’t help me find it credible.

Anyway, all I really found out was that these dvd’s were being put in newspapers in swing states. I received mine in the mail, I do not subscribe to the newspaper and what really creeps me out is that it has my full name. Even the Scientologists that keep sending me crap don’t use my full middle name. Could they have used the voter registration to get my name? Can anyone get hold of and use the voter registration lists?

I am getting creepy vibes from this. Has anyone else received this dvd or watched it or know anything more about this organization?

As for the dvd, I have no intention of watching it but I think it might make a nice coaster.

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Hey, Wile E glad you posted this. My gf got the dvd in the mail this past weekend and she is spooked. She has no idea how she could have gotten on their list. She is a liberal female who has no interest in the crap. And yes, it is addressed to her with her middle name.

They have a website -

I got it, too. I noticed that some Canadian pro-Israel filmmaker is responsible. But I’m curious as to what the real deal behind this huge effort is.

Any idea where they got your name?

Editor and Publisher has been looking into this, as has

Two important points:

The DVD has been distributed in “swing states,” in an attempt to sway the presidential election.

Clarion Fund, Inc. is a 501©(3) organization. Isn’t it illegal for this type of non-profit to politick?

I received it also. It got a big “Hmmmm…” from me. I wondered who had all the money for the fancy packaging.

It’s a private registration via Domains By Proxy, which is unusual. The domain resolves to, which reverses to, which is registered to Joyent, Inc. in San Anselmo, California. Using traceroute on the IP address leads back to, registered to NaviSite, Inc. of Andover, MA.

In short, the people behind the domain name aren’t especially friendly to people who might want to call them on the phone.

Apparently a bunch of these were put into home delivery editions of the Denver Post on September 14, at the decision of the editorial board of the Denver Post. The editors state that they accept advertising funds from all sources, and to determine that some advertising would be accepted but not others would be censorship.

Then they don’t understand the concepts of censorship or editorial control over content. It’s only censorship when the government does it. They might be laying claim to common carrier status, which I doubt applies here.

A common carrier, in this context, is a service that is open to anyone who pays, regardless of what they’re using the service for. This lack of curiosity buys them a certain amount of legal protection, with the classic case being the fact Greyhound is not liable when a scumbag uses one of their buses to skip town.

I seriously doubt a newspaper or a magazine gets to be a common carrier because they have an editorial staff that exerts complete control over what goes in and what stays out. They can’t have it both ways.

Oh goody, people finally responded.

I had gone to the website and that tells you nothing. Blogs that had posted about it had no more info than the Wikipedia site I linked.

Maybe I should email the local news stations?

I agree, if Dog Fancy can refuse advertisements from PETA then a newspaper can certainly decline to distribute obvious propaganda.

By the way, this St. Petersburg Times article I just found seems to have a little more info about the founders of the fund. :smiley:

I got it in the mail too here in NH (a swing state). You are right that it had the full name, complete with middle initial. My middle initial is in very few places, so I’d have to assume it came from voter registration lists – particularly because my husband (who is not a US citizen and thus not registered to vote) did not receive anything and wasn’t named on “my” DVD.

Well, I broke down and watched the dvd last night. Wow. If I had not watched critically I would be demanding the extinction of the Muslim world this morning.

It was an insert in the Sunday Washington Post last week…

Many of the folks from The Clarion Fund were once with Aish HaTorah International, for whom somebody apparently makes sure their Wikipedia article contains no objective information about them.

It was included in the Sunday Akron Beacon Journal. Don’t know about the Cleveland Plain Dealer. We threw it away unwatched.

The more I read about this, the angrier I get. Someone is circulating hate speech in swing states just before an election and it looks like it is more fearmongering which we have had to put up with for the past seven years. Whether or not a certain candidate had any knowledge of this or not I would like to see more of a big deal being made out of this in the press. Had I not received this DVD and gone looking for information I probably wouldn’t have seen anything about it. I don’t get the newspaper and get my news from TV and online. I worry about those that will watch it and not seek out more objective information.

I agree ^^

How can a group maintain 301© nonprofit status in a situation like this? Or are they just assuming they will fail when scrutinized?