The Classical music piece used in "The Critic's" student film?

On the off-chance that one of the other 3 fans of the old TV show “The Critic” frequent this board…does anyone know the name of the classical music piece used in Jay Sherman’s student film, “L’Artiste de Mort”?

I can dig up a .wav file, if need be.
Well, thanks for your patience…

I think this board’ll have more than 3 fans. Count me in. No idea on the name of the piece, though.

Here is a wav file
I don’t know what the music is though, sounds like Verdi or maybe Berlioz (I can’t even tell what language it is!).

Or perhaps it’s Wagnarian.

Damn. It’s familiar. I don’t know if it’s Wagner, though. I just don’t know.

I disagree, not Wagner, wrong type of voices and singing, the chorus in Wagner is more mellow and rounded.

It might be Verdi, sounds like opera to me.

Not Berlioz, the brass parts are not in his style.

I am inclined to say Beethoven or Mozart. Either from Fidelio by Beethoven or some late Mozart.

I’m voting for Mozart. I thought it was from the Requiem: it is very close in style to the Dies Irae, but that’s not what it is. (you can listen to this URL=]midi file, but imagine a more resounding chorus). Maybe something from the Don Giovanni?

It could also be Verdi.

Corrected link.

I also tried to find it with MelodyHound, but didn’t get an exact match. The chorus sings a slightly different melody to the accompagniment, which complicates things. I tried several possibilities, but no luck. Selecting only Mozart and Verdi I get these:

Verdi, Giuseppe: Un ballo in maschera Act II: Ma dall’arido stelo
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Cosi fan tutte Act I: Un’aura amorosa
Verdi, Giuseppe: Un ballo in maschera III: eri tu che macchiave
Verdi, Giuseppe: Falstaff Act II E sogno? o realtà?
Verdi, Giuseppe: La forza del Destino III: Solenne in quest’ora

I don’t know what these sound like. Anyone familiar with these?

It’s the Dies Irae from Mozart’s Requiem.

Didn’t anybody notice the name of the MIDI file?

KV626-2. It’s a Kochel number. Although the “-2” 2nd movement might imply the Kyrie. The Dies Irae is the 3rd movement.

Sorry, Jpeg Jones, there seems to be some confusion.

I deliberately linked to a midi-file of the Dies Irae for comparison purposes. However, the OP asks for the choral music in the earlier linked WAV file (at 0’21’’). Unless I’m mistaken, the two pieces are similar but not the same. Listen closely: the melody may begin in a similar manner, but quickly diverges. Or am I getting tone deaf?

Ah. Gotcha.

It’s not Mozart’s Dies Irae, but it would be very easy to confuse them. I’m not sure what it is.