The Clinton "legacy" part II

Here’s how I see it:
(A) Foreign Policy
(B) –the Mideast is ready to explode. The Oslo accord between Israel and Palestine is dead.
© –IRAQ continues to defy UN sanctions. There is considerable evidence that France and Germany are trading with Iraq in secret. The US Navy is being stretched thin by indefinite deployment in the Persian Gulf. No resolution by the Clinton administration.
(D) –China: is busy building up its armed forces. With the nuclear secrets stolen from the USA, it is well on its way to becoming the regional power in Asia.
(E) –Africa: score one for Clinton-he has wisely chosen to stay out of most of the local wars and conflicts.
(F) The economy: the signs of a recession are getting stronger-the NASDAQ is off >50% from its high, as the “dotcom” economy collapses.Meanwhile, the Clinton justice dept. seeks to put MICROSOFT out of business-crippling a major exporter and US jobs creator. The trade deficit with China is enormous and growing, as Clinton allows the export of US manufacturing jobs.
(G) EDUCATION: Clintons “let’s hire us 100,000 teachers” program has been a resounding flop-more teachers than ever are taking early retirement! Stadardized test scores continue to decline. The other toputed program (“Midnight basketball”) seems to have had no effect on this.
(H) Quite a mess for G.W.Bush to clean up!

And it hasn’t been since when? 1940-something?

Nor by George Sr.'s administration, which left the mess to the next shift. And Colin Powell’s likely to be the next Sec. of State. Remember, GHWB left Clinton Somalia, too.

Again, and it hasn’t been since when? 1940-something?

Except for cleaning up that Somalia mess that Sr. left.

Strongest economy in who-knows-how-long starts to look bad when another Bush looks like the winner. Must be Clinton’s fault. Microsoft was attempting an illegal monopoly, and Bill Gates is still a billionaire. Export of jobs? Look up who signed NAFTA. Look up who gave China Most Favored Nation trade status. IIRC, it was Sr. or his previous boss.

But of course, the Republican congress had nothing to do with this, since they love to hire teachers and pay them well, right?

Like the one Daddy left that Clinton, aside from a hummer or two, has done a good job with?

Ya know, liberal as I am, I’m not a big fan of Stoidella because her partisanship goes beyond the facts. You’re in the same pigeonhole. Get your shit straight, post again, and you might have something worth talking about. As it is, you’re blaming Clinton for not cleaning up all the messes from the previous administrations and for the recent drop in the stock market. As for the latter, if he gets the blame for the drop, he should get credit for 8 years of growth. Otherwise, you’re a partisan hypocrite of the worst (read “dittohead”) form.

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On foreign policy you left out Russia probably the most important foreign policy issue of Clinton’s term. While Russia’s economy is in shambles millions of western aid has been funneled into the pockets of corrupt oligarchs. Due to our war against Serbia Russian opinion of the US is at a low since the fall of communism. Their president travels the world warning about US hegemony. What was once a promising ally is now deeply distrustful of the US and democracy in general.

In 50 years about the only thing anyone will remember about Clinton is that he was impeached. Of course a lot of other things happened while Clinton was in office but not many people are going to care about it. Personally I wonder if anyone will remember Reagan in 50 years at all.


“daddy, why did they name this airport after an actor???”

Let’s face it, Clinton haters hate Clinton because he wasn’t “worthy” to be President. He was a moral creep, his wife was not the picture of a sterotypical First Lady, and he was known to shade the truth now and then. Compared to GHWB, it was like letting the fox in to guard the hen house.

Since Clinton was evil, it follows that everything Clinton did was evil. And if something happened to work out, it worked out in spite of him, not because of him.

Well, news flash, pretty much everyone who voted for Clinton in 1992 and 1996 knew he was a creep, and voted for him anyway.

And for all of you who demand a high moral standard of your President, where were you when Humphrey and McGovern ran against Nixon, when Carter and Mondale ran against Reagan, and when McCain ran against Bush the Younger?

“Strongest economy in who-knows-how-long starts to look bad when another Bush looks like the winner”

actually wrong, the economy has been downturning for just about a year. But it doesent really mean anything as it was bound to happen because people were just trying to get in on a craze. Had the economy continued to go up that would ahve been bad.

Curse that Clinton and his Israel bombing, Pelestinean child-shootin ways! Oh wait, that was the Israelis and Palistineans who did that…silly me. :rolleyes:

Good for them: see Iraq sanctions GD thread.
'Sides…I seem to recall Iraq being somebody else’s problem…now who could that be?

Umm, do we have any evidence of this? I mean, besides your say-so?

And it wasn’t before? I mean, look who it’s contending with:

  1. Japan–can’t have a real military by law.
  2. South Korea–say wha?
  3. North Korea–crumbling, starving state. Oooh, scary!
  4. Assorted countries too small to compete w/ friggin China.

Besides, who says we’re the only ones allowed to have a military? Last I checked, they have every right to build up their armed forces (I think we did this once, too y’know).

More important is the fact that nobody (save maybe Captain Planet) is gonna fix that in a hurry–POTUS or not.

Oh, I’m sorry. Here I thought it was the government’s job to enforce anti-trust legislation, thereby protecting us all. And they’re not trying to put them out of business, simply break up the monopoly. AND Microsoft is pretty irrelevant to the whole “” stuff.

But Clinton obviously caused the downturn in the economy…you know, with his rabid enforcement of making people see the bleeding obvious :rolleyes:
Yessss…it’s all his fault people realized that they were placing their money in gloried tulips.

Again, CLinton is the man to blame. In fact, he actually fired all those teachers. It is worth remembering that the fed govt doesn’t have nearly as much to do with public education as states…but hey…why not blame something else ridiculous on CLinton?

Not to start this GD here, but who cares? The veritible clan of educators I descend from all think they’re a bad idea. But anyway…still not Clinton’s fault!

Is this a word?

Oh dear me. This should be broadcast on Pay Per View: “G W Bush takes on the Clinton Mess”. I’m sure he’ll do a bang-up job :rolleyes:

Oh dear me…I haven’t enjoyed such good fantasy fiction in a while…sigh