The Clock Starts - Government Shutdown 2015

Official notices going out today informing federal employees of a possible government shutdown on October 1. When this last occurred in 2013, the notices came out about a week earlier than this one. Not sure what that means (if anything) in comparison to this year.

I’ve sent a nastygram to my reps in Florida (where I’m still registered to vote) telling them to knock it off and start acting like grownups…

I’m sure it will be every big as effective as the last few times I did this.

Gawd, I’ve become fatigued by this repeated, childish, brinksmanship.

Can anyone hold out any hope that it might be better with the next WH occupant?

I didn’t think so. :frowning:

What do you expect from a bunch of selfish egotistical pricks who don’t care who gets fucked over as long as they get what they want?

It means the government employees have more experience now and don’t need as much advance notice.

Not clear what Obama has to do with this, when the issue is funding Planned Parenthood. Unless you are among those who think that all evil emanates from Obama.

I think stillownedbysetters is hoping that without the strident racism pushing the “oppose anything Obama wants to sign” caucus, we might get more Congresscritters who aren’t lunatics. If so, it might be possible to get ordinary business down without so many shit-flinging tantrums.

You’ve been told something? We got told that we were mostly exempt and would have to come in. That was by my manager walking around and saying come in, which took about 10 seconds.

I’m of the same opinion this time as I was the last time, stop pussyfooting around, you want to shut it down, shut the damn thing down, all of it, or at least a good amount of it. The last time this happened there weren’t enough air traffic controllers, for about a day. Once those congress critters had a hard time getting home they changed their minds about that. Those are the kinds of things that should be shut down/reduced, so the people can see what the government does. It’s not going to show overnight, but after a few weeks I’d say people will want their reps to start doing their damn jobs.

I actually think threats of government shutdowns is orchestrated so politicians can pack the budget with whatever the hell they want and get it passed at the last second without any political backlash because everyone is just happy the trusty ol’ government is still running.

Represent US sums it up nicely here.

Congresscritters don’t need a shutdown to pull that scam - packing the budget with crap is part of the normal budget process. :frowning: I agree it’s likely that some extra budget bloat will be in the Continuing Resolution of Omnibus Spending Bill that Congress passes, but there always is. Even accounting for the fact that one person’s bloat is another’s essential service, there is a lot of pure crap in the budget - shutdown or no shutdown.

My state, Pennsylvania, doesn’t have a budget of its own yet thanks to governor vs. legislature tensions. I’m funded by grants so we’ve been hoping there’s at least some kind of stopgap that goes into effect allowing federal money to flow through.

It goes without saying that a federal shutdown will be just the cherry on top.

Nope. Wasn’t about Obama at all. What I was (obviously ineptly:smack:) trying to convey was the thought that the situation might be different with a different administration. And even then, the question was rhetorical.

To be fair, the Republicans bear some of the blame as well.


I laughed. :slight_smile: