The closure of [DELETED] thread about currently staying in a locked psych unit after suicide attempt

I disagree with this being closed.

Straight Dope has numerous posters willing to listen and show empathy to people with problems–and there have been a huge number of threads from posters with emotional problems.

PS. Mods could edit the title if that is the problem.

You’re kidding.

The poster is fresh off multiple suicide attempts, in a psych ward, and the first post is asking how feels that he didn’t succeed in killing himself.

No, I’m not leaving him open to the whims of poster’s moods on how to reply.

As a matter of policy, in general we are not going to allow threads of that nature. Posters with such serious problems need professional help, not anonymous advice from people on a message board. Regarding showing empathy, the very first post was extremely obnoxious.

Do not open another thread on this topic.