Re: This thread

I would like to thank the mods for their concern for my well being in closing and deleting the OP in question, and in hindsight the sensible thing to do would have been for me to reach out to the mods beforehand to see if there was a more appropriate way to broach the subject. I’ve since reached out to IvoryTowerDenizen about possibly doing so. I can assure everyone that I am stabilized both physically and emotionally and am currently receiving appropriate care and support. My intention in starting the OP was not to seek professional advice, as I am already doing so through appropriate channels, but rather to share my experience and knowledge to perhaps make this whole process less intimidating for any fellow dopers who may experience it in the future. I have actually discussed this with one of my therapists and she feels that I have reached a point in my recovery where this could be beneficial for me as well as others.

With regard to Mikecurtis’s question as to the outcome of my attempt, I feel that this is a fair and valid question that I will need to confront and provide an honest answer to as part of my recovery. Short answer, as I provided to him in a PM, is that I am very grateful to have been given a second chance. Coming up with a longer, more thoughtful answer as to why I am grateful is likely the next stage of my journey and will require a lot of hard work and reflection on my part.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their interest and concern, and I would like to reiterate to the mods that I would be more than happy to resurrect my OP if they feel that this can be done in an appropriate and beneficial manner.

skdo23, thank you for your input and response. I have opened a discussion among the moderation staff about allowing such a thread. In the meantime I am going to close this. We will let you know our response when we reach a consensus.

skdo23, the moderation staff has discussed the issue and our decision is that such a thread would not be advisable. We allow some discussion of personal mental health issues, but this does not extend to suicide. This site is not intended to provide therapy for such serious issues. While many posters here might contribute positively to such a thread, we cannot prevent less responsible posters from making negative or detrimental comments even if we moderate them subsequently.