The Color of an Irish Passport

This books review (or something)
makes fleeting reference to, as part of the Irish identity, “accent and passport colour”. What does the passport colo(u)r part mean? Are Irish passports a different color than, say, British or American passports?

I’ve googled my little heart out, and can’t find the answer.

You could always call the closest consulate.

Irish passports come more than one color, just as American or British. Peerage get Silver and Royalty get Gold. Spies of all nations prefer Nondescript, which appears black from one side and white from the other, but on security cameras registers grey.
Hope that helps.

What you should try is Google Image Search Google Image Search

Here’s some of my first hits:

Irish maroon passport

Irish green passport

British red & French Black passports

The Irish passport was green, the British dark blue until the standard EU burgundy (maroon) colour passport was adopted by both countries some years ago.