The combovers

When men with combovers go to barber shops / salons, do the barbers / stylists ever gently tell those men that perhaps they should consider a new hairstyle (i.e., bald)?

When performing the combover cut, does the bald man keep the flap over his head during the cut or does the flap fall to the side of the head where the flap begins, exposing the dome?

I must state up front that my father does NOT have a comb-over.
He’s been balding since roughly five minutes after graduating high school. A year or so ago he was down to a tiny bit of hair at the front of what was left of his hairline, and the typical normal length hair around the edges of the back and sides. He complained that his barber refused to finally do away with that tiny bit in front no matter how many times he told him to just shave it off already, so he gave up and got rid of it himself.
This tells me that there’re barbers that will go along with what the client wants, even if the client wants hair that’s 7" long on one side.

The barcode is so common among the aging office workers here that you have to specifically tell barbers not to style your hair that way. That’s at the old-school barber shops, though, the more fashionable stylists may advise you to go natural.

The comb-over champion, btw, was my old boss. He didn’t just cover his scalp, he’d grown a two-foot-long snake of hair from one side of head, which he would then swirl onto the top in a giant lump. Outside, he’d always wear a little knit beanie to hold everything in place, but the moment he came inside it would always come cascading down and he’d nonchalantly swirl it back up. It was the most godawful-looking thing I’d ever seen, but it was great fun to go with him to meetings and watch clients stammer and squirm the first time they saw it.

There’s a reason why Trump does his own hair.