The Commiseration Thread

Ok this is how it works, As the poster, I’ll whine a little about what is bugging me and as the one reading my little pissy rants, you are allowed to nod your head knowingly, make soft little tsk tsk noices or offer words of encouragement or support. At no time will you be allowed to make comments that do not make the poster feel better, blame the victim or say “I told you so”.

In return you will get someone to listen to you nonjudmentally and possibly provide you will helpful comments or even {{{hugs}}}

If everyone follows the rules, then everyone should come away from this thread feeling just a little bit better about whatever is bothering them and/or be uplifted by the fact that they were able to make someone else’s day just a little bit better.

Of course, if you have nothing constructive or postive to add, you will be free leave at any time and go spread your toxic comments around to the people who you feel will benefit from them. That is asssuming that is possible.

OK Go!

I am bummed because my hubby’s knees hurt him so bad and there is nothing that can help him except bilateral knee replacements.

I am discouraged because my house needs a deep cleaning and painting and I am too overwhelmed to do it all by myself.

I am disgusted because my computer is infected with a nasty mutation of the “love letter” virus, is not recoverable, and people seem to take great pleasure in that.

I think mean people suck.

I am really missing my SDMB at home.