The compassion of a father

Sunday my son’s eyes began to look red and watery. He cmplained of slight discomfort. We assumed this was allergy related, as one of my wife’s genetic gifts to our children is allergies and it is the right time of year for fall pollens. We began treating with Allegra and switched him from contacts to glasses. By Sunday night he was REALLY complaining of eye pain and the swelling, watering and puffiness was more than could be easily explained by allergies. Monday morning my wife took him to the doctor. It turns out he had a corneal abrasion on each eye! I guess he was in pain! When I got home and heard the news, I said the only thing a father can say to his only son in such a situation:

“Boy, don’t you cut your eyes at me!”

I love being the dad. Mom hands out the sympathy and I get the wise cracks!

hehe my parents get simlar roles, especially with my sister. She is arthritic (since she was 14 or so) and bad flareups usually lead to her calling out to my mom for comfort, or in really bad cases, blaming my mom, while getting comforted by her. Then my dad comes along and makes a couple of wisecracks to cheer her up. Though he does his share of the bringing-her-to-the-doctor, since his schedule is more flexible than my mom’s.

I can only imagine the pain and discomfort your son was in! I had a friend once who thought she might have fallen asleep with her contacts, because when she woke up, her eyes were itchy, puffy and red. She tried to remove them, and was digging at her eye, convinced they were still there. She was brought to a doctor, who found out that she didnt have her contacts in, but had probably damaged her eye by ashes/soot from the campfire the night before, and that what she thought was the edge of her stuck contact was actually a scratch in her eyeball! Five years later, she still can’t wear contacts for very long, though.