The Compliment Thread

For all those who get bashed in the BBQ Pit, or their intelligence insulted in Great Debates, here’s a thread for you.

Rules: Give a meaningful compliment to one person on the SDMB. Try not to repeat someone who’s already been mentioned.

Come on, lets boost some peoples’ self esteem! :slight_smile:

I love you Lady Juliet.

I love everything about you. Your spelling, your grammar, your innovative ideas for threads, your judicious use of smilies and your punctuality. One day these qualities are going to make a lucky man very happy.

Next please.

I don’t think her intelligence has ever been besmirched in GD nor has she been bashed in the Pit ** Glitterfairy** makes me laugh out loud when ever we’re together and I miss you, girl, at our former employ.
My compliment: you never have to do the clue dance, you hussy; you got clue.

and I mean that as in good looking, not thermally speaking. And she’s really funny…and honest…and just fun…and caring. And she also has great grammar and spelling. I like her a lot.

iampunha is sexy. And smart. He’s also very easy and entertaining to talk to…and he’s been there for me when I didn’t even deserve it.

Patrick, you’re beautiful.

I love ShibbOleth because he is just dead sexy ;), and bean_shadow is one of the coolest chicks ever.
TN*hippie is the guy I want to marry, besides foxboy of course. Qwertyasdfg is cool too.

Ice Wolf thinks I have a cool name, therefore she is cool too.


I love you guys!!!

I love ladyfoxfyre because she threw me a sweet compliment for no reason whatsoever. :slight_smile:

minty green and Jodi have stellar legal minds!

And, judging from the photo on her site, GingeroftheNorth is a babe!

I must say, I’ve always admired Qagdop the Mercotan, because of the vast medical knowledge he can dispense.

When I grow up, I wanna be a doctor just like -him-! :slight_smile:

You’re the greatest TheNewbie
Awww…I have no friends! sniffle

I would like to tell collounsbury that his incredibly blunt and slightly offensive posting style makes him on of my favorite posters to read, even if I could give a shit about the topic. Hell, even if he’s being blunt and offensive at me. I will never forget when I asked him to stop attakcing me and focus on my opinions and he responded, “Well I’ll try for the novelty of it.” :smiley:

I’d like to compliment Crunchy Frog and Manservant Hecubus for their wit and intelligence. Both are masters at saying just the right thing at the right moment. Both have started threads/posted things that have made me laugh my ass off.
[sub]Completely out of left field[/sub]

And to Hamadryad for having the balls to stick to her opinions and for not giving a shit what people may think of them.

[sub]Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?[/sub]

Airman Doors, USAF giggles like a schoolgirl when I say ‘numpty’. And he’s sweet, and charming.
Cartooniverse makes the best banana-chocolate-chip bread that I have ever tasted. I took a bite and damn near succumbed to ecstasy.
Slip Mahoney is the most enjoyable newbie I’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with.
Manservant Hecubus is just naughty. Albeit in the best possible way.
Persephone is the coolest guy named Al that I have ever met. Plus, she gave birth to a dinosaur so I wouldn’t want to mess with her.
Tripler never fails to make me laugh. I miss him. :frowning:
Mercutio is always good for something unexpected.
detop is nice, well-spoken, and always has something pleasant and affirming to say to me.
Feynn and lolagranola are very in love, and that shows on this site as well as in person. I want to grow up to be like them.
MrVisible is the best gay boyfriend a girl could ever have.
MamaHen has a nice rack. :smiley:
spooje called me a babe, how can I go without stating that I’m madly blushing?

The guy that doesn’t love Ginger is either lobotomized or dead. And I’ll stick by that until she turns on me.

As a matter of fact, today I like everybody because I’m such a golf wizard.

I might even turn pro.

No fair throwing compliments to a babe who has seen your penis, on a regular basis… :stuck_out_tongue:

TVeblen is a classy dame…but the sooner she buys me some more brews, the sooner she gets more props from me. :smiley:

** odieman ** you’re such a great friend… and I’ve missed you. I wish more people had your kind, gentle soul.

** AlbertRose ** is witty, funny, and deeply mathematical. Believe it or not, he’ll take that as a compliment.

** TequilaMockingbird ** is a really cool gal - makes me laugh no end - I wish I had your ability to make people feel better!

** Scylla ** you’re a sick bastard, but I love you anyway.

Well, she’s been mentioned, briefly, by the illustrious Ginger, and the OP does say “try”. I tried, but can’t but still sing the praises of Persephone.

I’ve spent a few hours in real space-and-time with her at ChiDope over a year ago, and was totally knocked out by her magnificence.

What I love about her in this more surreal space is that she describes and shares her life in a hilariously smile-ificating manner, speaks her sharp mind on important issues, and always lends her support to everyone here who needs it. She’s rumbled through some murky experiences, yet still comes through shining and astute.

Up from Hades, straddled upon on the gleeful grin of the Man-in-the-Moon; our sweet Persephone rises above it all.

And she’s a redhead, too. Damn-a-lamb!

Really, I said that? Hmm, indeed I did. Well, it was worth it, ERL is a fine even excellent addition to the board after discarding the loonier randian things you were prone to say.

Elenfair writes beautifully. She has charmed me senseless with her words alone. And her heart is tremendous.

Being a relative newbie, I haven’t had much time to form opinions of others, or interact with them yet.

That said, you gotta love anyone who can use the word “Numpty” seriously.
Besides, I’m half canuck :slight_smile:

Yay GingerOfTheNorth!!! :slight_smile: