The Corporation Movie... anything wrong in it ?

Saw “The Corporation” last week and I was pretty impressed. It made a very solid case for corporations being out of control. I searched the SDMB and there was no discussion before.

Its a canadian film/documentary that is very well done and though longish keeps us hooked and impressed. I think it hit the US only recently. Its been running 6 months in Canada. It won the public’s choice in the festival here in Brasilia. Everyone gave it top marks. Everyone was impressed.

Check out their site: The Corporation Website

I think  it should be mandatory viewing and I highly recommend it. I think Michael Moore could learn with them how to make less inflamatory stuff. Much of the information isn't new but how its shown and the case made is very good.  

If anyone else has seen it... what do you think are the flaws or holes in their arguments ? Or should I really be worried ?