The Cosmopolitan "weight loss plan"

Cosmopolitan magazine presents a cancer-survivor’s story as an article about weight loss.


Would this be the article in question?

hmmmm, I’m pretty sure this was the intended link:

Yes - they changed the title after the social media backlash.

Next month: Better for Losing Those Love Handles: Meth Diet or AIDS Diet?

Meth Diet: Because abs are made in the kitchen.

What was the original title?

It’s not quite clear whether the title of the article itself was changed.

What really got people up in arms was a tweet that the Cosmopolitan Twitter account used to advertise the article. The tweet said:

This Washington Post piece discusses the issue.

Maybe the folks at Cosmo thought they’d try to take some of the heat off United Airlines. :slight_smile:

I am so glad Sean Spicer spared us details of the Treblinka diet.

Is that one of those Holocaust Centers?:wink:

This is so ludicrous I find it hard to believe it’s real. What could the editor possibly be thinking?

Holocaust Center? It’s down there past the highway ramp, next to the Pinochet Petting Zoo. You can’t miss it. :smiley:

I’m guessing the editor believes women don’t think at all except for cogitating on how to look faaabulous.

If the editor’s a woman, that’s probably all she thinks about. Good speller though.

Hmmmmm… I lost 41 pounds on the Divorce Diet TM. I wonder if Cosmo would pay for my story?

(My doctor spoke to me sternly and advised eating ice cream. I’ve gained 5lbs back so far. Go me!)

Oofta. It looks to me like the mother of all tone deaf jokes, but that one’s gonna hurt. I don’t think I know of anyone who lost their job for a bad joke.
I take that back. I canned a guy a couple years ago for making racist comments to an interviewee while I was giving a tour. I’ve never been so happy walking someone out the door.

Back in the '80s during a wave of publicity about HIV, there was a radio ad for a now defunct weight-loss product that proclaimed “Lose all the weight you want with AYDS!” :eek::smack:

God I get tired of hearing this on the internet. It makes it sound like there was once a weight loss product that named itself after a devastating disease. The product came first, and was around for years before AIDS became a word.

Cosmo isn’t the first to make a note of some kind of extreme diet. I think Solzhenitsyn did it somewhere. Just an allusion, not a recommendation. I’m thinking it was Cancer Ward but it might have been Gulag Archipelago.

Yes, I know.

I heard it on-air before the Internet was a thing. Even better, the ad came on right after a news broadcast that features a story on expanding AIDS cases. It was a classic black humor moment.

Don’t screw with my treasured memories. :mad:

I lost 30 lbs. through pancreatitis and liver failure. I don’t think that rates a magazine story though.

I read the story

It is being misrepresented. It is about an overweight woman that suffered a lot of health problems, most from complications to a surgery for carcinoid cancer. I will note that I know someone with this disease and the small slow growing tumors produce serotonin and hormones and can cause mood disorders, to put it mildly.
So she went through a lot and was diagnosed with PTSD from all the agonies she went through and she ate a lot and got even fatter.
Then she discovered this ONLINE MIRACLE DIET that slimmed her down and changed her life. And she wants to SHARE THIS GIFT by giving you a discount on this awesome diet plan.

So, yes, I actually found this article offensive but for totally different reasons. Her cancer didn’t cause her to lose weight, her cancer and the resulting complications made her fat. And she slimmed down due to this click bait diet and you can, too.

I’m offended because it is a blantant advertisement for a sketchy product disguised as journalism and isn’t labeled as such, because cancer and cancer survivor. I guess

My dad lost 135 lbs on the Leukemia Diet™ … the plan to die for …