The Crimson Petal and the White -- huh? [open spoilers]

[I’m sure this has been discussed before, but since it’s not a current book I don’t want to revive an old thread.]

I finally made it through to the end and while I enjoyed the story, I am left a little muddled. (I also didn’t have many answers to the book-club questions at the back, which made me feel as inadequate as I always did in English class. :frowning: ) A few questions:

  1. Do you think Agnes is still alive somewhere? I thought he said she made it out the country, which would make the corpse William identified by its pubus ( :rolleyes: like he was familiar with it) some other woman.

  2. Someone on the SDMB said they were blown away by the ending. So I expected a big twist, but it just kind of ends. Why the abrupt ending? I see how he bookended it with Caroline, which is nice, and it’s good William is left all alone at the end. But too much was unresolved! Frankly, I wanted Sugar to kill William the way her book character killed guys.

  3. In a book not afraid to be vulgar, why didn’t he ever spell out the act Sugar was willing to perform that the other prostitutes weren’t? He says William used the usually three orifices. I guess it’s not important, but I’m curious.

  4. Why do you think he gave Sugar the skin condition? It’s interesting that William was taken by it and then uses it to convince himself she is evil later.
    Let me know your thoughts on this book. I did enjoy it but I would love to appreciate it better.

Search for the old (two years ago? three?) thread on this – there’s some discussion of the ending in it.

Aha, here it is. Interesting points, esp yours about William perhaps have impregnating Agnes again before she left the house. F**king an unconscious woman—eeewww.

Whoa, I have to hope that even if Sugar had to revert to prostitution, she would at least find a way to not have to turn Sophie out too. Her mother’s idea that if she can’t be happy, neither should Sugar–very creepy and perverse.