The Curse of the Married Stage Name

Over the years, quite a few well-known female celebrities have gotten married and changed their “professional” name. Then they got divorced.

Pamela Anderson Lee
Roseanne Barr Arnold
Farrah Fawcett Majors
Chris Evert Lloyd
Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rahshad
Patty Duke Astin

Granted, celebrity marriages do tend to be short-lived anyway. But, have any that changed their stage names managed to stay married? (Jada Pinkett Smith and Courteney Cox Arquette come to mind, but it has only been a few years for them.) What is the reason for this phenomenon?

Well, there’s Mrs. Patrick Campbell, but she was rather before even my time.

Who’s that?

Dont forget one of my favorite from my teen years, Merideth Baxter-Birney.

Susan Tomalin didn’t stay married to Chris Sarandon, but she’s still kept her married name 20 years after they divorced.

Yeah, but she became famous with the name “Susan Sarandon.” In the OP I was referring to celebrities who changed their name after they had already become famous.

Ooo. I thought of a counter-example: Babe Didrikson Zaharias. She married in 1938 and stayed married until she died in 1956.

You’re missing the best one:

Barbara Hershey who for a brief shining moment (when she was either married to or with one of the Carradine bros, David If memory serves), changed her name professionally to :

Barbara Seagull. I seem to recall her ‘demand’ that the credits in her prior work be re-done to reflect this.

The fanfare was distinctly less when she changed it back.