The Daily Show back from hiatus tonight. What'd they miss?

Please, please, please let’s keep this out of the pit. Two things I can think of off the top of my head-- Gonzalez resigns and, of course, Senator Craig. What else do you think they’ll mention tonight?
Holy crap! I put it in the pit. I meant to put this in Cafe Society. They most likely will not mention this faux pas on the Daily Show Tonight.

I reported your post for you, Biggirl.

Asking for it not to be put in the Pit and then actually starting it there is really more Colbert-esque than Daily Show-like, IMHO.

Leona Helmsley’s death and her very weathly, very sued, dog

What an idiot! I can say that because this is the Pit :stuck_out_tongue:

They missed the Osama Bin Laden video and Michael Vick’s guilty plea.

no they covered that quite nicely.

Moving to Cafe Society.

Craig’s going to be the lead tonight I’m sure (probably with a John Oliver segment on “gay bathroom signals”).

I thought of DAILY SHOW immediately when, in response to “Osama’s Sweatin’ to the Hadiths IV: Electric Jihadaloo” tape last week Bush responded "“If al Qaeda bothers to mention Iraq, it’s because they want to achieve their objectives in Iraq, which is to drive us out.” I can hear Stewart mentioning how {formerly TDS guests} Michael Scheuer, Noam Chomski, and Grecian Formula are also al-Qaeda alligned since they all figure in the tape as well, and thus by extension TDS itself.

Well, they did the Craig story. Nice to see Corddry again. Wonder if he’s back as a regular.

ETA: Moment of Zen was priceless.

No they didn’t. They did the guy who was afraid of the big black guy.

I don’t understand why they did the bathroom stall with a green screen. They can afford to send a guy to Iraq for real, but they need to fake a mens room?

I always thought those green screens were just a joke?

“Gay don’t work that way”

Oh Jesus, that whole, “Trapped in the Closet” part killed me…

Great show. I also thought Colbert was great too.

Hey, can you do that after I called the OP an idiot?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the R. Kelly *homage *was priceless - anyone know who the singer is? It seems like it would be very tough to get the R&B vocal, lots of tough phrasing, and make it as funny as he did - he deserves a lot of credit!

You mean the using of them? No, they really do do most of their location pieces with one.

Re the OP, they missed Tony Snow’s resignation. (I mean they missed it when it happened. I don’t know if they mentioned it last night as I haven’t seen the ep yet.)

They didn’t. Riggle went as part of a USO show and included some film as part of the trip he would have made anyway.

And yes, the green sceens are part of the “fake news” joke.

I’ll never look at Crocs the same way again.

What I thought was hysterical was when the singer himself started to lose it once.

Neither will the President.