The Damnit I Want A Dog But Can't Have One Thread

I want a dog. Bad. Really bad.

Specifically I want this dog. Look how cute and adorable he is there sitting like a good boy. I can just picture him running after a tennis ball, wrestling on the floor or playing with a chew toy. Alas I won’t be able to get a dog for at least another year and half until I finish school.


I’m in the same boat. I want a kitty but can’t get one while I’m in uni.

That dog is adorable!

Exact same here, treis, except that I really want a beagle puppy. I’d be happy with any puppy, but a beagle would be what I really want. Alas, until I graduate, it will all just be a dream.

Dammit, treis! Why’d you have to post that link? I was blissfully ignorant of that site, and now I’m burning with the unquenchable longing of puppy love made only worse by the new knowledge of all the cuties in my area needing a good home. And I live in a no-dog apartment. Wah! :frowning:

I don’t want a dog…I want multiple dogs! Unfortunately, my fiance and I couldn’t find an affordable apartment that will accept dogs, so we won’t be getting any for a few years.

I want a basset hound, they’re so cute and floppy

You want cute?

This is the cutest doggie
and our finances right now are not in a position for another dog.

Hell, I’m not even in school anymore and I can’t have a dog, and in theory can’t have one for at least another year! It’s not fair, I tells ya!

I want a dog! I do. I want a big dog I can take out to the park and wrassle with. I’m a big guy, and I want one!

And in theory, I could have one. But… I rent the house I’m in and being in school it wouldn’t be fair to him or to my roommates. Not to mention I live in a very urban setting so he’d be forced to sit inside all day.

But damnit I want a dog!

I tried to look at your link but it has expired. I’m sorry you can’t get the dog treis. I have two, one of whom is sitting on me as I type. It’s a marvelous thing.

Put me in the “Wants a dog but living space won’t allow for it” camp as well.

That, and I think the rats might object. And they were here first.

As I just mentioned in another thread…

Mrs. Stone and I are planning on getting a dog (and a cat) once we buy a house… but that’s probably a year away at this point.

Treis, that is an adorable puppy! Really makes me want the time to fly by fast till we can get one of our own.

Link still works for me.

I really, really want a rabbit, but I have 3 ferrets right now.

So I do already have adorable, but I want some narrower faces, too!

(Figured I’d bogart this thread since I didn’t think my situation would gather a lot of "me, too"s.)

I want a bird! But the light’s not right and we don’t have enough time to spend with a parrot and they scream to greet the morning and we live in an apartment!

But I still want one!

Add me to the list… want a dog, but no reasonably-priced apartments around here allow pets that can’t be kept in aquariums…

specifically i want this dog, i can’t believe what the previous “owners” did to the poor thing, and he really deserves a good home

gaah! i wish this was the Pit so i could say how i truly feel about this, suffice it to say, branding would be the least of the previous “owner’s” problems…

I want a dog too! Specifically, I want a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

But it’s hard enough to find a nice apartment that allows cats, let alone dogs. And buying a house… well, I live in the SF Bay Area, where there seems to be an article in the paper every month or so about housing prices setting a new record.

Stupid Bay Area housing bubble… :mad:

I wish you could have the dog. It looks like a Jack Russell Terrier.

If you ever get one, they need lots and lots of activity time and will also chew up some of your valuable stuff. Like needlepoint pillows and the woodwork between the window panes. Right down to the glass.

I do have a dog but I always see other dogs I wish I could adopt. Isn’t this the cutest couple? And someone in Atlanta needs to adopt Georgia Rain

I want a cat so badly, but I can’t have one because I’m renting a room in the house of my best friend, who wants nothing to do with pets. When I have my own place, I’m getting a cat from a shelter or Humane Society, or possibly even two so they can play and entertain each other while I’m at work. I think every moment of my life would be happier if I had a cat. I’m a sucker for gray (blue) cats and fluffy black ones, but beggars can’t be choosers–I love them all.

I want a dog, or a cat, and even if I live in my own flat (rent, but animals are allowed), I can’t have one because : what would I do when I go travel for holidays ? Can’t live him(her?it?) alone on its own, for sure, so I need to wait until I retire from job so that won’t be before many many years ! Can’t wait for that…