The day music was saved: Black Eyed Peas to go on hiatus!

I understand this band is fronted by some blonde lady. I was led to believe she was attractive until I saw online photos that showed she had wet herself rather than stopping the concert. I’m not sure how I would react to that situation if I were rich and famous.

I am not and I need to pee. As she should’ve said, “Later.”

The hiatus is just from recording and touring; they’re still available for parties!

Their music wil live onin legend.

As we’re on the subject can someone explain what do Taboo and do exactly in the band (no snark till I get at least one serious answer, please)? They seem to be backup singers, but then I dont understand why the real boss fo the show,, made so much room for them.

But then you go on…

Soul destroying? Really? More so than Jusin Bieber? Or Katy Perry? Madonna? The Archies? Monkees? Abba? Why are they more “soul destroying” than any other pop stars?

It kind of worries me that Fergie looks so much like Kirsty Alley

They started out as a somewhat interesting rap trio. The other two just kinda hung on for the ride as took them away on his pop rocket.

I actually used to like BEP. This was back before Fergie hijacked the band…and then Elephunk came out and it was so god damn awful that I deleted their entire discography from my ipod.

Thank the gods that this abnormation is finally DONE WITH.

Umm, if having meth-face is attractive, then yeah, she’s a hottie.

I already listed several bands that are often bagged on that bring some semblance of integrity to their work. You’ve listed some fairly vapid artists, but ABBA? Really? I would think even the most cynical pop critic would have to admit that they were very good. I know it’s not cool to admit to liking ABBA, or the Bee Gees, but they were amazingly talented.

I get a very calculated vibe from BEP. Simple, hook laden songs that are marketed to sell yet not offend anyone. Like they were focus grouped into existence. And I think they mail it in by cranking out same sounding pap. I have often heard folks say they were a decent band once but lost the plot trying to get big. It definitely seems that way to me.

Also I blame them for shoving Autotune up the ass of every pop song in the last decade.

Likewise, there’s not a goddamn thing wrong with the vast majority of the music Madonna’s churned out over the course of her career. Most of it is damned good pop music, in fact.

An example of what santosvega is talking about.

Joints & Jams

I believe it was two Super Bowls back during pregame festivities when I first heard this song debuted. I though good, this song sucks so freakin’ bad that it must be the end of the ubiquitous inclusion of the BEPs in all large entertainment venues. Then it went to the top.

There’s no explaining the taste of the masses.

I’m not what anyone would consider a fan - I have none of their albums, and only one single downloaded onto my iPod - but I’ll defend them, sort of. In this decade of uninspired music, most of which I can only enjoy ironically, BEP are one of the few groups who consistently puts out songs that I consider tolerable. I will take “Imma Be” “Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night” and “Just Can’t get Enough” over Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars, fucking “Soul Sister” and most Rihanna seven days a week.

You say that like it’s a bad thing. :wink:

What told me everything i needed to know about the BEP was that the record co added a singer and modeled the band to be like a poppier version of the Fugee’s…
Madonna has done some good shit… besides… the drums on “Like a Virgin” are by the great Tony Thompson… that alone is redeeming… Even my 14 and 12 mock the peas… Thankfully my 12 yr old is evolving into a huge Joni Mitchell fan…

Really? I remember the first time I heard that song at a wedding in August of '09. It was so clear that this had paint-by-numbers hit written all over it. Sure, enough, almost two years and about 50 weddings later, I don’t think I’ve been to a single wedding or party where it hasn’t been played and where it hasn’t filled up the dance floor. It’s got all the elements of a popular, mindless ear candy party song: from the distinctive opening percussive synth hook, to the bubble gum refrain that’s perfect for all happy occasions: “I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s going to be a good night.” I’m not sure what’s hard to understand about its appeal. Just don’t listen to the lyrics too closely.

My no-synths guitar-oriented cover band does a cover of it fercrissake - and the floor fills every time. Drives me crazy.

I think of the BEPs as the perpetual winners of that EuroSong competition, or as the Michael Bay of pop songs - if you reduce things to their lowest-common denominator in terms of language - you’re better off with nonsense sounds like that World Cup song Ricky Martin sang - and groove, you can end up with a worldwide hit.

Having said that, it is not easy to do, producing the best pablum. I respect the effort even if I have no interest in the result.

On at least three occasions I heard a song for the first time, at the gym or some other public place, and said to myself “what the hell is this godawful shit?” In each case, it turned out to be the Black Eyed Peas.

Now that they’re on sabbatical, I guess someone else will have to step up into the position. Strong money is on Ke$ha; I’ve already had two “Jesus Christ, what is this annoying shit?” introductions to her catalog.

This is a good comparison, as is Hippy Hollow’s comments about them being “focus grouped into existence.” (at least with the last three or so albums.) The music really does feel like it was created exclusively for TV commercials and sporting halftime shows. Fair enough. I’d argue that it does take a certain type of talent to be able to do that, and to do it over and over again.

Please don’t do that. twitches