The day music was saved: Black Eyed Peas to go on hiatus!

I don’t think I’ve ever actively disliked a “band” as much as these cretins, so I was delighted to learn they are taking a break. Indefinitely.

There’s so much bad music out there, but these tools make me want to rip my ears off anytime I hear one of their autotuned aural shits they call “songs.” I mean, I’d rather have the Backstreet Boys reform, the Jonas Brothers on Pandora, and sit through a year of American Idol than endure the specter of more BEP material.

On the downside, the chief instigator “” is working on a solo project. So it will continue, although hopefully at a less sucky rate. Not sure what the other Black dude and the Asian dude do in the band, but I imagine they can get work at the A&P sacking groceries.

So…you’re not really a fan then?

Not at all. And I consider myself to be a live and let live music guy, but there is something soul destroying about the BEP. Not to mention their stuff is inescapable. I’m nearly 40, never listen to radio or watch the MTV, but I know all of their songs. Not voluntarily, and not without regret.

Nitpicking, but the “Asian dude” is Hispanic.

You learn something new every day. Ignorance fought. For some reason I thought he was Filipino…

Who could dislike the lyrical wizardry and meaningful epic poetry that is “My Humps”? :confused:


I kind of liked the one they did over the music to Miserlou.

And the one that was on the Best Buy commercial a few years ago.

The rest…meh.

Don’t forget the poetry of “Imma Be.” Here are the first two verses for your enjoyment:

Does anyone else besides me remember their first record? It wasn’t bad. I saw them live at some show or another when I was in high school, and as I recall just about every song on their album centered around the theme of how they were serious artists and refused to sell out. After high school I lost touch with pop culture for a few years, forgetting about them completely, only to find out that they had resurfaced with a female singer and become the poster children for unserious, sell-out pop. Such a bizarre about-face.

Where is the love?

No it’s the “other Black dude” who is Filipino.

Oh, now, that’s not fair. Those aren’t verses, and “Imma Be” repeated is being used as a rhythmic device, not for its lyricism.

Can’t believe I’m defending the Black Eyed Peas…

Yes, you like defending the indefensible: the Black Eyed Peas and raw eggs. :smiley:

The drummer (Keith Harris) went to the public high school in my neighborhood, so I gotta represent. I’m gonna lose whether indie and rock cred I may have, but I don’t think the Peas are that bad. I’m a sugar for ear candy, though.

Wow. Tonight is gonna be a good night!

My lumps…
My lumps…
My painful, oozing boils.

So I checked out some of their stuff on YouTube.

I get it. Their lyrics are abominable, and the music is mostly very bad.
Still better than Madonna.

This bit of news just may convert me to Christianity. (Not really. But still - great fucking news.)

So this means that Fergie is going to be free to torture us with her version of “music”.


I kinda like BEP. I don’t love them, but i respect them for their…ummm “innovation.”