The DC-Area NFL Team Can Kiss the Name "Redskins" Goodbye

Over the years, I’ve generally defended the team’s use of the Redskins moniker. And these days, I really don’t have much of a dog in the fight, as I’ve pretty much given up football.

But - what can I say - I still hate The Danny. And so I find great joy and amusement in the knowledge that he’s hired what amounts to the Fantastic Four of inside-the-Beltway sleaze - Ari Fleischer, Lanny Davis, Frank Luntz, and George Allen - to defend the team’s use of the Redskins name. As Jonathan Chait says at the link,

Indeed. So:

Yeppers. :smiley:

Well, it was the other type of Indian George Allen was filmed taunting with racist slurs, so I guess that should…help?

Yeah, lets get the guy who lost an election because he’s a racist douche help us defend our racist team name.

Maybe they thought they were hiring George Allen, their former coach. He died in 1990, but it’s easy to lose track of stuff like that.

The George Allen in the OP is the coach’s son. So, yeah, simple mistake.

What exactly are these people supposed to do? There’s not a lawsuit pending over the name is there?

Actually, there is.

Interesting. Thanks for the link. If their trademark was revoked, it would not technically force them to change the name, but as a practical matter they probably would change it. Lots of money at stake…

The team’s current motto is “the past is now”.

Seems to me that the whole process of selecting a new name could lead to millions of dollars worth of free publicity. Plus the NFL could use some good (or even neutral) ink these days.


Which is more than the Deadskins do, these days. :smiley:

Aren’t there enough advocates of keeping the name (who aren’t racist asswipes) that it would probably take the coverage out of neutral territory?

Incidentally, isn’t it great that there’s no more war or disease in the world?

I mean, there MUSTN’T be, or the United Nations would never spend time discussing the nickname of a football team, would they?

Because we all know big organizations can only get involved with one problem at a time, and must solve them in sequence.

Calling a football team “redskins” is retarded and gay.

And how can the U.N. “solve” this problem, anyway? What authrority do they have to do ANYTHING about a football team’s nickname? They gonna send in some peacekeeping troops to enforce a name change?

None, and I don’t think anyone asked the UN to solve the problem. It’s part of the broader PR push and the meeting lasted all of 45 minutes.

That’s mighty white of you to say.