The De-Clutter and Clean Up Support Thread

Great question!

i got the bottom shelf of the “junk” bookcase cleared. organized bins are now in place. on to the middle shelf!

Nearly all of my cold-weather undershirts and socks, plus all the assorted hats/scarves/mittens etc. are now stored neatly in small, clear-lidded stacking tubs.

I also repurposed one of those clear, zippered bags for sheet sets to corral the smallest of ^^ with the unexpected advantage that I could stuff A LOT into a small bag, since it essentially acts as a vacuum space-saver.

I was going to pack up the space heaters, winter gear, etc. and take them off to my Storage Unit, but then I had to stay 2.5 hours late at work today. Poo! Looks like it has to happen on my day off, but if I’m bringing the fans and patio furniture to my apartment I should swap it with the winter stuff, right? That’s the whole idea behind having that Storage Unit, so my living space isn’t so cluttered and I have a place to put the seasonal stuff in the off season.

Shoved what I hope are the last of my “cold-weather” shirts into a completely empty drawer (it was a triumph having that available) plus I just dropped off one of those big-ass TJMaxxx bags full of clothes at the closest thrift store.

That ^^ latter was kind of a gimme - about half of it (plus the big-ass bag itself) was a bag of “here, see whatcha want” from a friend who’s cleaning out HER closet.
I just wanted her tie-dye stuff (she’s got tons of beautiful, colorful clothes) and politely passed on the rest.

Still. Large bag & medium bin … done! (As in, someone else’s problem.)

Oh, plus some random “I went to an outlet store” clothes from my mom - donated with the tag still on it.
Don’t tell her, okay?

More maintenance stuff than anything else for me.

Finally got the space heaters to the storage unit. I can’t remember where I put the folding table for the balcony/walkway but I have my outdoor chairs ready. Forgot to clean up and dry out the humidifier, which I need to do before it goes to storage.

Found all the parts to my spouse’s solar panel set up so I can now sell it. Yay me.

Cleaned up and sanitized some of the stuff I brought over recently from the Old Place and put it away. Yay me.

Also checked over the portable air conditioner which is still at the old place, I’d like it as a supplement to my current apartment’s unit. It needs some cleaning and a new exhaust hose, and I need some help getting it to the new place, but one it’s there I could have it set up and working within a day.

Also have gotten through more of the filing back log. Again, yay me.

The downside is the friend who was helping me with all the lifting and carrying smashed his dominant hand in a trailer hitch and so has not be able to help for a couple weeks, but he should be cleared to go back to full use of the hand next week so I hope we can get through more stuff.

Now I have to go put the laundry away.

It has been hot and humid here for the past week. That used to be a rarity until July, but it was too terrible out for me to reconfigure the porch furniture to make it useable from the stacked winter position. However, it will be cooler and drier this weekend and the bench/storage piece a FB Marketplace person made for me is ready for pickup. It was cheap and made to the dimensions I specified so now I have a bench for my cats to sit on, with storage space below for garden planters in the off-season. Yay, me.

We are only allowed “outdoor” furniture on our porches, you know, the uncomfortable stuff. Repurposed old chairs and desks don’t count. Like the association has nothing better to do with their time than inspect our porches. This bench will qualify, or so I hope.