The Deecline of Literate Thought

I would like to submit this for discussion:

If the thread title doesn’t invoke Gaudere’s Law, it at least invokes Alanis Morissette. :smack::stuck_out_tongue:

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Any saying anything by Victor Davis Hanson is excellent is a twit. So there’s that.
Our professor friend has clearly never heard of student debt. In his universe all students are either rich or plentifully supplied with scholarship money. Yeah, right.
He condemns electronics, but if Umberto had deigned to Google their proposed product name it might have come out better for them.
One wonders where this guy teaches, and who his students are. Are they literature majors preparing for a life of poverty, or are they majoring in something else forced to take his class.
And finally, if every single one of his students is bored and uninterested in the material he presents, the problem may not be with them.

Course in my day we all read Proust by 8 and tossed off Ulysses during Christmas break in fifth grade.

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